2011 Banchbo Sharad Samman Kolkata Durga Puja Awards - List of Competing Pujas

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Calcutta, Sep 24, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Banchbo is a Non Profit Non Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to the health care, education and uplift of the underprivileged and the weak. Based at Kolkata (Calcutta), they have activities spread across West Bengal, especially Sunderbans. Their endeavors are mainly targeted towards children and senior citizens of the society. As children are the future, they have undertaken to provide quality health & education. This initiative targets one of the most deprived sections of the society.

Banchbo are very much pleased to inform all that in 2011 Durga Puja Banchbo are organizing a mega event on 10th year of SHARAD SAMMAN - Unique Puja Rating by Street & Underpriviledged Children since 2002, which added new dimension in Saradotsav of Kolkata & 4th year of SHARAD SAMMAN - Unique Puja Rating by Senior Citizens since 2008.

Banchbo organizes two very unique Durga Puja Sharad Samman awards in Kolkata.

The first event started in the year 2002, when Banchbo added a new dimension in Sharadotsav of Kolkata by rating Durga Puja by Street Children and Underpriviledged Children of Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal. Since then this unique Durga Puja rating & Ride is being organised succesfully with active support from all sectors of the society including corporations and specially with warm participation of several puja committees including many well known pujas of Kolkata.

The second event, equally interesting, commenced during Durga Puja 2008 when Banchbo's Durga Puja ride also started including Senior Citizens comprising of all sectors of societies including representation from Old Age Homes and the underpriviedged.

Details of the Banchbo Durga Puja Rating and Sharad Samman Awards


    BANCHBO SHARAD SAMMAN  (By Underpriviledged Children)

    BANCHBO healing touch Sharad Samman (By Senior Citizen)




Underpriviledged Children from SUNDERBAN,

Slum & Street Children of Kolkata

Children from Orphanage

Underpriviledged Children from Other NGO


Members of Banchbo healing touch- Elderly Healthcare unit of BANCHBO.

Senior citizen from Underpriviledgedsector (Rickshaw puller,Labor,Maidservant etc.)


Panchami ,1st October(Preliminary)

Sasthi,2nd October (Final)


Parikrama in different reputed puja pandals of Kolkata (which includes North &  South kolkata,approx 40) by  well decorated  AC Bus. Colorful T-Shirts and Caps will provide to all children & senior citizen with arrangement of delicious breakfast, lunch & snacks throughout the day of event.


On the basis of the theme; idol decoration & over all ambiance children & senior will rate all puja out of 10 & finally three/four  best pujas(in each catagory) among all participants & one puja for Sharad Seva Samman (for out standing social activities ) will be selected by our judges & these puja committees will be acknowledged later through Colourful Award Ceremony Function in presence of Eminent Dignitaries & Celebrities with  Beautiful Trophies & Certificates.

List of competing Durga Pujas 2011


  •     Dumdum Park Yubak Brinda
  •     Belgachia Sadharan Durgotsav
  •     Nalin Sarkar Street Sarbojanin
  •     Lalbagan Yubak Brinda
  •     Swapnarbagan (Kankurgachi)
  •     Mitali (Kankurgachi)
  •     Bangur Avenue Pratirodh Bahini
  •     Nabin Pally Sarbojanin (Hati Bagan)
  •     CIT Sarbojanin (Birati)
  •     Purbachal Sakti Sangha
  •     United Club Sarbojanin (Ultadanga)


  •     Naktala Udayan Sangha
  •     Sree Sangha (Halderpara)
  •     Monohar Pukur Sarbojanin
  •     Kendua Santi Sangha
  •     Sahapur Mitali Sangha
  •     Kalighat Nepal Bhattacharjee Street Sarbojanin
  •     Selimpur Club Sarbojanin
  •     Raipur Club Sarbojanin
  •     Green Avenue Friend's Recreation Club Sarbojanin (Santoshpur)
  •     Bhowanipur Swadhin Sangha Sarbojanin
  •     Naktala Sarbojanin
  •     Ekush Pally Sarbojanin (Ballygunge)
  •     Chetla Agrani
  •     Hindusthan Park Sarbojanin
  •     Bhatri Milan Sangha (Raipur)
  •     Sodpur Pragati Sangha
  •     Behala Debdaru Fatak
  •     Acharya Prafulla Sangha
  •     Behala Buroshibtala Sarbojanin
  •     Haridevpur Adarsha Samity
  •     State Bank Park Sarbojanin(Thakurpukur)
  •     Baishnabghata Patuli Sarbojanin
  •     Vivekananda Park Sporting Sarbojanin
SOUTH 24 PARGANA (Extended Kolkata):-
  •     Nabarun Sangha Sarbojanin (Rajpur)
  •     Janakalyan Samity Sarbojanin (Chak Thakurani,Kalitala)
  •     Jagaddal Balak Sangha Sarbojanin (Jagaddal)


First time experience…WOW!... Reality of our dream!… - Soumen Barik, Children of Sundarban & Judge

My friend s can’t believe it !... unexplainable experience… - Roni Tudu, Children of Amlasole & Judge

Oh! What  a  unique idea!...we must appreciate it… - Ms & Mr.George Sibley, US Consul General

Thanks to organizers for organizing this wonderful event… - Mr. Clinton S Brown, US Consul General(Acting)

Big opportunity for Sundarban Children to enjoy Kolkata  Puja… - Mr. Shyamal Mondal,Sundarban Affairs Minister

Really feel delighted by attending this programme… - Mr. Goutam Mohan Chakraborty, Commissioner of Police

In spite of getting several big  award , this award is our best achievement…Member of Mitali , Award Winning Puja Committee

Judgment by innocent children, transparency, no  possibility of manipulation are specialty of this award… - Member of Udayan Palli, Behala, Award Winner

A will to live together and let the kids learn… - The Telegraph, metro, 18 October, 2002

These children certainly felt special as they were empowered to comment on such a mainstream event…- Hindusthan Times , Kolkata Live , October  6 , 2008

Washington Bangla Radio is pleased to share with our global audience and visitors …- Washington Bangla Radio , Oct 23,2010

Contact- 9331036206 / 9830509278 / 9007012490 / 9903388556
email-       banchbo@gmail.com
website-   www.banchbo.org.in

Details of the Banchbo Sharad Samman Project -10th year of Unique Puja Ride & Rating  by Underpriviledged & Street  Children added new dimension in Sharodatsav of  Kolkata since 2002

“BANCHBO” (I will survive) has over the years developed in to a reputable NGO with a strong desire for development of a healthy, poverty less & universally developed India. Based at Kolkata, we have activities spread across West Bengal especially Sunderban. Our Endeavour are mainly targeted towards vulnerable  Children & Senior Citizen. Beginning the journey in 1995, Banchbo today has touched the lives of many. Banchbo is managed by voluntary Governing Body consisting of well placed members of society under valuable guidance of enriched Advisory Board.


  • “Vikashita-a brighter future” Project :- Joint endeavour of Banchbo & Sulekha in Sunderban at Indranarayanpur Village of Pathar Pratima with an aim to impart education & other support to the most vulnerable children & their family.
  • Banchbo healing touch :- 24x7 Elderly Health care Support by Dedicated & well equipped Medical Team.
  • Unique Puja Rating by Street & Underpriviledged Children since 2002 & by Senior Citizen since 2008.
  • Banchbo Indranarayanpur Mahila Samity :- Initiative to empower local women of Sundarban with support of Sulekha. Quality products made by this samity is marketed as “Ladymade”.
  • Educational, Health & Cultural Support to underpriviledged sectors.

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