Srijit Mukherji's BAISHE SRABON (2011) Release on Prosenjit's Birthday: The Team Meets the Press (video feature)

By Subhomoy Mukherjee

Anupam, Parambrata, Srijit, Raima, Prasenjit, Gautam & Abir

Calcutta, September 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The release date of Baishe Srabon (Bengali, 2011) is September 30, 2011.

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Srijit wrote the script of 22se Srabon in 2008 when his buddy Parambrata requested him to write a script for a telefilm that Param would direct. But circumstances prevented Parambrata from making the film. Param then also missed the opportunity to work with Srijit in Autograph since he took an acting course abroad around the time Autograph was made. Param has finally managed to work with Srijit in Baishe Srabon and his happiness is palpable. He is also optimistic about the collaborative air in Tollywood - he directed the music video “Ei Srabon” for 22se Srabon. Param talks about his experience of sharing screen space with legends Prasenjit and Gautam Ghose, and how he tackled some explicit scenes necessary for the film. Do not miss Parambrata's sharing of an anecdote on why Srijit refers to Param and Prosenjit as the “Uttam Suchitra jodi”!

Anupam, Parambrata, Raima, Prasenjit, Gautam, Abir

Released in 1960, Madhabi Mukherjee starrer Baise Srabon was the 3rd feature film by legendary film director, Mrinal Sen. It was the first film which gave him international recognition. After half a century, Bengali movie buffs are waiting for 22se Srabon again from another Mukherjee-Sen combination – Director Srijit Mukherjee and Actress Raima Sen.

Yes, as you probably know by now, 22se Shrabon is the upcoming Bengali feature film directed by Srijit Mukherjee, his second directorial venture once again produced by Shree Venkatesh Films.

Team Baishe Srabon met the press in an open forum at the Park Hotel, Kolkata recently.

In a one-to-one interaction with Gautam Ghosh there, he said he has always been as much an actor as a director. He learned the science and art of acting from his teacher, Nitish Bhattacharya. He expressed his role in Srijit's film as that of a rebel poet who is an important link for the thriller. Goutam Ghose will be seen in a film's credits as an actor after 29 long years in Srijit's film.

In his chit-chat with WBRi, you have already heard Srijit Mukherji share his addiction for detective stories which in part inspired the story and script “22se Srabon’. He appreciated Prasenjit and hinted at starting his third project with Prosenjit soon. Srijit is also a great fan of Bengali poetry of 1960s and 70s and he is very happy to have had the opportunity of casting actor and film-maker Gautam Ghosh in an important role of a rebel poet in 22se Srabon - he has learned a lot from the great director who himself perfectly arranged everything required for portraying the role.

Srijit said he was considering quitting film direction after the game-changing Autograph (2010) but he is thankful to Shree Venkatesh Films who persuaded him to try a second film. Srijit is quite hopeful of the trend of successful experimental Bengali Movies starting around Autograph. When asked about his acting career, he pointed out the collaborative movement in Bengali cinema where everybody in the industry is helping each other to achieve the best possible results.

In a conversation with actor Abir Chatterjee on WBRi, he had expressed his happiness in becoming a part of the thriller 22se Srabon. Abir also appreciated his cooperative corporate bosses who allowi him to continue his acting career. Abir is very satisfied to work with Shree Venkatesh Films and he has enjoyed their professionalism. Abir rated Srijit a "task master".

At the open forum, Gautam Ghosh greeted Srijit as a promising and potential director. He talked about having had an enjoyable experience with the young talented team. He said Prasenjit had approached him with the idea of acting in this film, and it did not take him long to sign up after hearing the script.

Srijit is very happy to return after one year with most of the team members of Autograph adding Raima, Abir, Parambrata (who was originally planned to be a part of Autograph, too) and Gautam Ghose for Baishe Srabon. He considers 22se Srabon a non conventional film.

Prasenjit also took little time to sign up for the thriller which he considers a new cultural dimension in Bengali cinema. He is very hopeful about the concept and music of the film and is happy to work with Srijit again. He is enthusiastic about working with Gautam Ghose as a co-actor and release of the film on the eve of Durga Puja and on his birthday - 30th September, 2011. Happy Birthday Bumbada in advance!

Raima says Srijit is a strict director, but grades her experience as fun and shares stories from the acting workshops.

Abir considers 22se Srabon as not only a thriller but a amalgamation of many aspects. Music director Anupam talked about the songs, his association with Srijit and his satisfaction with the songs.

Producer Mahendra Soni is very happy to see growing interest among movie buffs for Bengali films and hopeful of continuation of the recent development path of Tollywood. He is also optimistic about rising popularity of experimental and unconventional films like 22se Srabon.

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