KELODA IN KASHMIR (2011) Bengali Movie Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

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Calcutta, Sept 23, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) If Sanghamitra‘s last film ‘Someday Somplace Jete Pari Chole’ was about Ruu’s quest to seek peace and solitude in this world and also an quest for life and was strictly for the classes, her latest film ‘Keloda in Kashmir’ is strictly for the masses. You need not carry any baggage, thoughts, ideas or even need to tax your brain to watch this film which is an absolute rib tickling comedy.

Keloda In Kashmir Poster

The central character of this comedy happens to be Keloda or Kamal Kumar Lodh.He has an age difference with his young wife who is a ‘Bangal’ and speaks broken English and is extremely nagging. He is a Bengali ‘Bharat Bhushan’ (yup, straight from Bheja Fry) who is extremely irritating, yet lovable. His wife is forever suspicious whenever he tries to speak to someone from the opposite sex.

The other fellow travelers to Kashmir are Piku and his two friends,Icche,an young girl who has come to Kashmir because her boyfriend currently does not want to marry her, Mrs. Sen who likes young guys specially Piku and two elderly gentlemen one of whom like Mrs.Sen.Piku and his friends are forever after Keloda , but Padmini or ‘Padu’ , Keloda’s wife likes the guys.Keloda somehow comes to know that Icche want to commit suicide and he tries to prevent it at any cost, only that his wife misunderstands him and she tries to commit suicide instead!

Keloda is even able to solve Icche’s problem and helps her to get back with her boyfriend.

The entire manner in which the chain of events unfolds is hilarious. The film is not high on acting, but everyone plays their parts according to the situation. Among the cast, Bhola Tamang is already a very known face and with this role , he will become more popular with the mass .He is simply excellent as the roly poly ‘Keloda’ with his bag full of kelos.He is very natural.Sangita Sonali whom we had seen in ‘Bidehir Khonje Rabindranath’ previously in a role lasting a few seconds at the most is sweet and funny as ‘Padu’, the wife of Keloda.Abhinandan Dutta, Souryadeep Ghosh and Raj Sinha are okay.Priyanka Banerjee as ‘Icche ‘ also does as what was required of her.Sanghamitra appears in this film as Piku’s mother in a bit role and is not that bad at all!

The music is quite nice specially ‘Ei Mon Sarakhhon Khonje Tomake Akaran’ by Anwesha’.This is the first Bengali film to have been shot in J&K and Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Srinagar have been captured well. This itself is a ‘first’ for Tollywood.

Sanghamitra has done a commendable job considering that the cast that she had in hand and they have done a good job for her.

So sit back, watch Keloda’s antics in Kashmir and be a part of these traveller’s trip to God’s ‘own land’.

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