New Bengali Movie "NILKONTHO" to Focus on the Third Sex

By Aditya Chakraborty

Indrajit with ast Members of Nilkantha
George Baker, Indrajit with ast Members of Nilkantha

Indrajit, George Baker & Cast Members of Nilkantha
Indrajit, George Baker & Cast Members of Nilkantha

Calcutta, Sep 23, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Eunuchs or the third sex have no place in society. They are disowned by their family in their childhood and then throughout their life, they are ridiculed and abused by everyone.

They get no support from the government and people are always wary of them. They earn their living by either working as sex workers, begging or giving blessings to new born babies and asking for alms in return from their family members.

A new Bengali film called ‘Nilkontho’ has been made on their lives or rather it is centered on the life of a man Nishikantho, an extremely poor man who is forced to become a ‘hijra’ to make his ends meet when he is dire straits. Nishikantho becomes ‘Nishidi’.

He dresses up and acts like a ‘hijra’ though he physically doesn’t become one. Nevertheless he considers himself to be one of them. He stars living with a group of hijras and occasionally visits his wife only at night. His son doesn’t get to know his real identity till the very end.

His son Indra, an aspiring filmmaker falls in love with a budding starlet who uses him and dumps him once she cozies up to the producer of the film though the producer is his referral. He never realizes the actual love of the girl who truly loves him and she is shattered, yet the girl who loves him is relentless.

Indra comes back home a dejected man and finds his father in the hospital who had an accident and he gets to know the real identity of his father.

The film has been produced and directed by Indrajit who also acts in the lead role as Nishikanta or Nishidi.The film is at least an honest effort to make people aware of the lives of the third gender.

The film had it’s press show at Rotary Sadan on Thursday.

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