Indrani Bandopadhyay's Home Coming Song!

edited1web Since Viswa-Bharati closed their shutters for ever, Rabindrasangeet has literally become every Tom-Dick and Harry's cup of tea! But, to be very honest, it should have never been like this.

In this wide world there are somethings which are best left "un-touched, un-changed and un-altered" in any form!

Like the Mona Lisa, the Taj, Folk Music Styles of Bengal, Punjab, Chhatisgarh, age-old traditions and of-corse Rabindra-sangeet!

Experimentation is taking Rabindra-sangeet and it's wonderful flavour to the La La land, and now it's becoming something which can be termed 'unbearable'! 

Though there are exceptions...

as Music Arrangers like Joy Sarkar, Pratyush Banerjee, Raja & Sanjoy, Partha Pal has created wonders for this genre in many of their works in the past couple of years.

I simply cannot overlook Joy's vision in Lopamudra's "Momo Chittey"; a song immortalized once again by using the right instruments of Experimentation, keeping the heart and soul intact! 

Many songs of Tagore has been recorded by Srabani Sen, Srikanta Acharya or even Kavita Krishna Murthy and Shaan which has the right ratio of Traditionality and Modern Ensemble, but remember - these are exceptions!!

Songs like "Pagla Haowar Badol Diney", Jagoroney Jaye Bibhabori" used in Bengali feature films sounds Outlandish, distant and utterly nonsense!

Many of the readers and music -lovers will agree with me on this point, but the Truth never lies down, never rests or never dies even after a barrage of opposition and adamant attitude.

Listeners who thinks, and thinks with all their being, are true Tagore Song listeners, the connoisseurs!

Stretch out your hand into the Bengali Music Market for a couple of Rabindra-sangeet CD's, and you'll come up with each and everyone, from every genre of Bengali Music; vocalists adorned on the inlay of their own Tagore CD.

Srabani, Lopamudra and Srikanta are known exponents of this genre, but even artistes like Raghab Chatterjee, Rupankar, Bhoomi (Band), Usha Uthup, Shaan, Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet, Manomay Bhattacharya, Babul Supriyo, Bikra Ghosh (Lounge Mix) and other Folk Artistes, Bands have recorded their very own Tagore Album. 

Most of these albums sound good, crisp with new treatment, and most of them retaining the underlying Tagore Song flavour immortalized by masters in the 60's and the 70's.

But listening to Indrani Bandopadhyay is a totally different experience, she being an artiste without any major album of her own and always shying away from the footlights of prominence.

Her singing style can be temred in a single word - "soulful"!

Listening to her sing - "E ki Labonye purno pran..." will forever remain in the recesses of my mind.

A rendition which boasts of a profound base and taste. A taste which has been my companion since the good-old-days of the early seventies when I used to frequent Tagore Song Concerts with my dad, Batuk Nandy listening to Stalwarts like Debabrata Biswas, Chinmoy Chattopadhyay, Sumitra Sen, Sagar Sen, Arghya Sen, Suchitra Mitra and Mohor-di (Kanika Bandopadhyay)...what an experience it used to be!!!

Born into a highly honored and respected Bengali family in Kolkata, Indrani Bandopadhyay is a name to reckon with in the field of Rabindra-sangeet especially. She belongs to the exclusive genre of artistes who have mastered the art and made a mark in their field with utmost dedication and perseverance. She brings with her style, class and elegance in her presentation and keeps her audience enthralled throughout her performance.

Indrani remains ever thankful to her parents who introduced her to the world of music when they took her to Late Shri Shailen Sen who was her first “guru”. As a child, she learnt her lessons thoroughly and started showing the signs of talent in her voice surprising one and all. Indrani lead the musical shows in her school, won several competitions in school, local clubs, and other associations.

She enjoys classical music and creations of Nazrul Islam, Rajnikant, D. L. Roy and other great men, but Rabindrasangeet is her passion. She studied Tagore and fell in love with Tagore’s creations.  Indrani has been blessed to have been closely associated with Rabindrasangeet stalwarts like Maya Sen, Suchitra Mitra, Purba Dam & Late Sushil Chattopadhyay, under whose tutelage she took special lessons. She also took her classical lessons from Late Shivapada Bandopadhyay and Late Pt. Sukhendu Goswami. She had studied Musicology under the guidance of Pt. Pradip Kumar Ghosh and Late Dr. Bimal Roy.

She has conceptualized and directed music in a number of short plays, dance dramas like Chitrangada, Shyama, Chandalika, Shaapmochan which has run in packed auditoriums. She has quite a few live solo shows recorded to her credit.

She has also shared her time and creativity with the children of HIVE India who works for the health and education of the marginalized children. She supports a group of young girls in a village near Kolkata helping them with books, clothes and a little donation through her own organization.

I wish she soon comes up with several unique projects of her own and especially an album which will be marketed through out the globe and appreciated by Tagore Song lovers.