Farhan Akhtar Behind Actress Sridevi’s Fall ?

Farhan Akhtar.

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Mumbai, Sep 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Farhan Responsible for Sridevi’s Fall, Confesses on UTV Stars’ up, Close and Personal with PZ.

Before you get thinking too much, let’s get this straight! Talking about his hay days as an assistant director, Farhan Akhtar informed Preity that once on the sets of a film he was asked to polish the floor as instructed by his director. Being the sincere boy that he is, he got down to do the job at hand. In the meanwhile, Sridevi was rehearsing her dance steps and before anyone realizes thanks to the polish Sridevi slipped and fell flat onto the floor! Now that for sure made for a good start to Farhan’s career in the industry!

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The very private and shy person that Farhan is popularly known to be, got conversational with PZ! PZ and Farhan go a long way, with him having started his career in the industry with her. This sure made for a great reason for Preity to share some funny anecdotes from Farhan’s life to reveal a his lesser known side to the audiences.

Apart from sharing secrets, Farhan joked about how people often mistake him to be elder to Zoya or mistake them to be twins and even worse when some people think that they are a couple! 

In the play act session, he sportingly played the wicked and sleazy director in the play act scene where he was convincing Preity who donned the character of a wanna be actress to take up a rather Bold role!

All this amusing, exhilarating and hearty conversations with Farhan, this 17th September on Up, Close and Personal with PZ, at 7pm only on UTV Stars!

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