Salman Khan Biggest Brand of Bollywood ?

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Mumbai, Sep 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog)  Bollywood Big Story is back again debating the most talked about Bollywood Superstar, Salman Khan. Only Salman Khan can generate the kind of euphoria, madness, passion, debates and fan following hitherto seen only with Rajnikant. The words style guru, trend setter, cool dude, heartthrob rest easily with Khan. His fans swear by him, giving him God-like status. His benevolence only add to his connect with the masses at large.

ZoOm poses the question, has ‘Brand Salman’ become invincible? It was said that only Sex and Shahrukh sell, but now it seems, only sex and Shahrukh may not sell, but Salman definitely sells, everything and everyone else is governed by the laws of nature, but not Salman Khan. Today’s generation doesn’t necessarily look for a meaningful song or a good story, all they want is something that vibes with them. Salman Khan has become one such commodity or a brand, and can be sold at anytime and anywhere and in any packaging. The association of a brand name like Salman Khan with any movie does not really require any other endorsement.

The big names of the industry agree on it to an extent.

Farhan Akhtar feels, “Salman’s stardom comes from the love that his audience has for him and eventually his work. It’s a great time for him; people who are working with him should enjoy themselves and not really worry about what’s going to happen next.”

Aamir Khan says that “Salman has proved that he’s no. 1 and has left all of us behind. Salman’s stardom is huge right now and none of us even come close to him.”

Salman’s take on himself becoming the no.1 brand that sells – “When it comes to making a choice about whether I want to do a film, I put myself in the shoes of the audience. I only do films that I would like to watch. I think right now my choice matches with that of the Indian audience.”

What do our analysts have to say more about the ‘Being Salman Khan’? Watch out Bollywood Big story unfolding insights of the industry biggies on this Saturday September 17, 12:30pm, only on zoOm, India’s No. 1 Bollywood Channel.

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