Raja and Gaja No Problem (2011) Bengali Movie Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

Debolina Dutta at Premiere of Raja Gaja No Problem (Bengali, 2011)
Debolina Dutta at Premiere of Raja Gaja No Problem (Bengali, 2011)

Calcutta, Sep 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) "Raja and Gaja" ‘is a very popular comedy serial which used to be aired on Zee Bangla for a while; of late it is being aired on Akash Bangla. The serial has become so popular that it has made the actors playing Raja and Gaja household names. The duo don’t even want to reveal their actual names as they want to maintain their popularity in that manner.

The show which is based on incidents involving the duo who are complete buffoons who somehow manage to land themselves in strange, but hilarious situations and actually turn out to be the saviours of someone or the other at the last. The show is pure slapstick at it’s extreme and for people who don’t enjoy this sort of humour or silliness, it is indeed certainly not for them. It is complete mindless fare which one needs to relax and enjoy if one has the ability to digest whatever is being shown.

The film ‘Raja Gaja No Problem’ is no different from the show which one has seen on TV. The only difference is a few TV actors or actresses lend support to the duo to make it more interesting.

The film is centered on Raja and Gaja who are two cousins and stay together with Gaja’s parents in Murshidabad since Raja is an orphan. They always manage to land themselves in the funniest and strangest of situations with their antics.

One day they land up in Kolkata as Raja wants to be a hero and Gaja a singer. While strolling the lanes of Tollywood, they manage to rescue a young girl Titli who is dangling from a railing. Titli’s mother is grateful to them and asks them to stay with her along with Madan (their servant accompanying them). Golok, Titli’s father always thinks he is seeing Yamraj. Also he has some debts at his business center as he has yet to pay his dues. He falls into the trap of his astrologer Hastaraj who is hand in hand with a fraud Nilnayana and Hastaraj tells Golok that only Nilnayana can save him from his current problems. Also Gaja’s father goes after them to get back to Murshibad!

Can Raja and Gaja save Golok from the cheats? The film ends in a hilarious manner.

Raja and Gaja enact their roles from the small screen to the big screen with ease. There is enough slapstick to keep anyone entertained till the end with numerous situations appearing now and then. Actors and actresses like Dwijen Banerjee, Sudipa Basu and Subhomoy do their bit to keep the crowd entertained. The film is also an ideal children’s film as they will break into laughter continuously.

Interestingly the film has music by Indranil Sen, the noted singer who has sung the title track and is also the producer of the film.

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