Video: Listen to CRIMINAL Audio Song from "RA.ONE" (Hindi, 2011) Bollywood Movie Feat. Akon & SRK-Kareena Groove

[RA 1 / RA ONE / RA.ONE Poster]

Mumbai, Sep 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) EROS Intl. have released this promo video featuring the Criminal song teaser from Ra.One - the next Shahrukh Khan - Kareena Kapoor Bollywood blockbuster.

Sensational R&B singer Akon hits back with his latest song it’s Criminal. Watch Kareena Kapoor & Shah Rukh Khan grooving on its beats.

RA ONE is a robot sci-fi super-hero movie where SRK plays G.ONE - the Good One. The film is reported to be the most expensive in Bollywood history with special effects done by Hollywood experts and Shahrukh's suit itself costing a million dollars.

For the complete synopsis, plot outline, story, characters and cast - crew information, check our exclusive post "Story of Shahrukh Khan - Kareena's Robot Movie RA ONE (Hindi, 2011) - Official Synopsis, Trailer, Cast, Crew, Plot & Characters".

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