SOMEDAY SOMEWHERE JETE PARI CHOLE (2011) Bengali Movie Review - Paoli Dham

By Aditya Chakraborty

Note: Sanghamitra's Tollywood Bengali comedy film "Keloda in Kashmir" released a week after Someday - a review of Keloda is posted here. Keloda is shot in spectacular locations in Jammu & Kashmir.

Bengali Actress PAOLI DHAM (Paoli Dam)

Calcutta, Sep 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sanghamitra Chaudhuri’s (interview) latest film ‘Someday Somewhere Jete Pari Choley’ (earlier known as ROOH) is about a girl’s journey to find her inner self or maybe a quest to live which life did not give her.

Actually Ruu is a complex character, a stubborn, arrogant girl who lives with her brother and sister-law and goes on a trip to North Bengal. Initially one thinks that this is her very nature which is why she behaves like this with everyone. Slowly as the story unveils, we see the reason why she reacts like this.

On this trip accompanying her are her aunt and uncle and a young couple Bob and Jaya (who are always smooching at the earliest opportunity!) other than her brother and sister-in-law. Ruu actually used to work in a N.G.O and was engaged to her boyfriend who was a foreigner, but he had dumped her over a mail one day and she had been shocked. There is another much darker truth which we come to know later. A truth which shocks us and affects us as well and makes us think about Ruu.

Before revealing that, Sanghamitra tries to give the story a touch of love when the local driver cum guide Chiring Thapa develops feelings for his ‘Madam’. Ruu in turn starts liking him towards the end, whether in a different sense we don’t know. We don’t know because she doesn’t allow us to realize what is in her heart.

Is it a girl’s journey to seek solace, a quest to find out what life is all about or why it has been so cruel to her or is it just to run, give up on life altogether? Life does start meaning different to her after Chiring takes her on that drive to his home where she comes in contact with nature and once she interacts with his mother, she realizes how beautiful life is and how she had only seen the cruel side of it so far! She decides to stay back on Chring’s insistence, yet does not reciprocate his feelings somehow. It is tragic, it is funny, it is full of despair and it is full of meaning as well.

It is Paoli’s film all the way and she does full justice to this tormented role where the character is full of melancholy. The others create an impact largely because of their performances. Biswajit Chakrabarty as her uncle stands out as usual with his comic touch and effortless acting. Saheb ‘Topshe’ Bhattacharya as Chiring is good and looks the part of a Sikkimese local and also acts well. His role remains a supporting act because the film belongs to Pauli.

The film has good music by Drono Acharya which includes a couple of Rabindrasangeet songs as well. The film has been beautifully shot bringing to us larger than life images of Sikkim, North Bengal specially Gorumara forest.

Sanghamitra scores in all departments in this film and especially because of she is able to bring out the pathos which is actually revealed at the end.

Ruu leaves everything and goes away wandering by herself….What is the tragedy? What is the real dark truth?

That can only be revealed after seeing ‘Someday Somewhere Jete Pari Chole’.

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