UTV Bindas Emotional Atyachaar 3: Actress Riya Sen supports Farhan & Rupali

Riya Sen on Emotional Atyachaar 3 Supporting Rupali and Farhan

Mumbai, Sep 15, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) “People need to move on” says celebrity guest Riya Sen
who is on Emotional Atyachaar 3 to lend support to Farhan, as he conducts a loyalty test on his long time girlfriend, Rupali.

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This week watch the sultry actress, Riya Sen who is on an all new episode of Emotional Atyachaar 3. She along with the host, Pravesh Rana is here to lend support to Farhan, the lead. This week they bring to you the case of Farhan and Rupali who met during college, where Rupali is still studying where as Farhan has completed college. The two have been in a long relationship of almost three years.

Theirs was a perfect romantic story as friendship turned into a relationship. Initially things were going great with the couple, however once Rupali & Farhan decided to elope and marry because Rupali’s parents would never approve of their relationship. Farhan's parents, who were in favour of the relationship, made all the necessary arrangements. But things went wrong and their plan didn't work out. A year and a half into their relationship, Farhan realized that Rupali has formed a habit of lying to him.  Rupali apparently had been getting close to a Professor in her college but when questioned by Farhan, she denied it. He wanted to marry her and hence needed to be sure about her loyalty to him.

Riya along with Pravesh and Farhan sat in the viewing room as the footage of the loyalty test was unveiled.

To find out the fate of Farhan and Rupali’s relationship tune into UTV Bindass’ truly path-breaking reality show and watch as Riya Sen reveals the truth behind the couple’s relationship. Only on Emotional Atyachaar 3, on Saturday,
7 p.m. on September 17th, 2011.

- PRLog

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