KE TUMI PORICHO BOSI (Bengali, 2011) NRI Film-Maker Rajkumar Ray's Documentary Movie Exploring Continued Relevance of Tagore

Ke Tumi Bosicho Pori (Bengali, 2011) - a film bt Rajkumar Ray

Washington DC, Sep 10, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) San Jose, California based Indian-American film-maker Rajkumar Ray's documentary film "Ke Tumi Paricho Boshi" explores the continued relevance and position of Rabindranath Tagore and his culture-defining Nobel-prize (Tagore is the first non-European Nobel laureate) winning monumental achievements and work which is harnessed even today in Bengali cultural events and endeavors in Bengali performing and fine arts, seventy years after his death. It asks the question about the bard's position in modern and future times, and whether Bengal and Bengalees are slowly moving away from Tagore.

Rajkumar's 42-minute film Ke Tumi Poricho Boshi (Anyone, Reading Still ?) is shot in Hi-Definition Video (HDV) , and is delivered on DVD to interested viewers.

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Rabindranath Thakur. Who knew a single name could evoke so many memories, so many sentiments? Even 150 years since his birth, Rabindranath Thakur still remains as an icon of culture in India and Bangladesh. The contributions he has made leave no aspect of our lives unaddressed.

In a single lifetime, Rabindranath drastically reshaped Bengali literature and music. Globally renowned as the great poet, Rabindranath also transformed history by becoming India’s first Nobel Laureate. Though his works are limitless, Rabindranath’s greatest contribution is the lasting impact he has created in each of our lives. He is a fixed member in every Bengali family, and provides support and guidance through every stage of life. He is our “gurudev”, and our very own “Robi Thakur".

But is Tagore’s eternal influence gradually dying away? Will the approaching generations continue to worship and rely on him every step of the way? Is it even necessary for us to latch on to his legacy forever?

The film “Ke Tumi Porichho Boshi” embarked on a journey to find the answers. Looking back on Tagore’s role in the past, this film attempts to analyze his present and future status. Additionally, it explores the variety of cultural efforts that’s have spurred from Tagore’s works. With interviews with celebrities, and different age groups of the general public, this film encompasses a variety of perspectives to ultimately draw a conclusion about the true essence of Rabindranath Tagore.

Director/Producer: Rajkumar Ray

Cast & Crew

Music : Ranjan Biswas

Choreography : Lanie Iannucci

Camera : Shritama Ray, Logan Parks

Celebrity Interviewees:

Haimanti Shukla – Singer
Shuman Mukhopadhyay – Film and Theater Director
Srijata Bandopadhyay – Poet
Samina Chowdhury – Singer
Anindya Chatterjee – Musician (Chandrabindoo)

Audience Feedback

“The content was very tastefully presented in a very contemporary perspective discussing a very contentious subject for the Bengali community at large. I would recommend this as a must see - 40 minutes of gripping commentary on the past, present and the future trends about Rabindranath's influence” – An audience member from Pleasanton, CA

“….Rajkumar has nicely projected the opinion of some of the highly knowledgeable people of our current generation about how Tagore’s work is flowing from generation to generation. Excellent job by honestly presenting the views of our kids abroad who are struggling to connect to their traditional cultures, at the same time presenting how the young generation back home in India is adjusting with the changing environment by re-inventing Tagore with their modern values.” – An audience member from Cupertino, CA

"The film maneuvers itself through the meandering thoughts of several eminent personalities from music, theater, and literature world. In a nutshell, this is a very good and relevant attempt from Rajkumar. Wish the very best for this endeavour” – An audience member from Fremont, CA

Rajkumar Ray can be reached at raj.ray [at]

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