Mausam’s Nightmare Not Over, Yet!

Mausam’s Nightmare Not Over, Yet!

September 9, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work): ‘Mausam’ ka mausam abhi tak badla nahin, it seem! What Punkaj Kapur calls his “dream project,” and Shahid Kapoor says “will decide his fate,” has hit another set-back!

After crossing nightmarish hurdles during the production, and its subsequent promotion, Punkaj Kapur’s directorial debut ‘Mausam’ has run into trouble once again, that too just a week before its scheduled release date!

This time it’s with the Indian Air Force!

Just days before the movie was to go to the Censor Board for clearance, the IAF caught the producer Sheetal Talwar and the Kapur camp by surprise. The IAF has given a conditional NOC to ‘Mausam,’ and unless the movie gets full clearance, the Censor Board can’t review it.

The IAF officials have objected to an action sequence in the film which involves six fighter planes, one of which is commandeered by Shahid Kapoor. There reason being the action sequence in question not technically feasible. The IAF wants it to be more realistic and has suggested some small changes. The air force has given a conditional No Objection Certificate to the movie.

However, this seemingly ‘small change,’ suggested by the air force officials has become a nightmare for Sheetal Talwar. According to him, the script was approved by the IAF a year ago, and the scene in question was discussed at length. They had made the few technical changes suggested then by the officials.

“We’ve abided by the book for everything in the movie, but this last moment decision is unexpected,” dismayed Talwar says.

“I have spent 2.5 crore (Rs.) on this particular action sequence and it is impossible to change it now,” distraught Talwar adds. Not only will the change involve more time and money, it would change the story line as well, he claims.

The producer is ready to move the court, if forced to do so.

The film is slated for theatrical release on September 16.

Will it?

Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work