UTV Bindass Date Trap 2 - Arzoo and Sunaina Meet the Unexpected Date of Their Lives

Arzoo and Sunaina Date Trap 2

Indore, M.P., September 5, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / India PRwire) Season 2 of Date Trap is here, this time bigger, better and even more hilarious!! In its second episode this week, the two mischievous contenders plot a mischievous date prank on their friends are Ajay and Ashish.

Both are all set and very excited to put their friends Arzoo and Sunaina respectively, into the stickiest situations of their lives! Aaliyah explains the contenders the rules of the show and then they conduct the actors' auditions. This date trap has been set up at a restaurant.

Ajay's motive to play a prank on Arzoo is because she double timed his best friend and him during college days where as on the other end Ashish's motive is all to take revenge for the 12 slaps he got in 12th std. Ashish exclaims, "I had proposed Sunaina in 7th std, she complained to my mom and exaggerated it by saying that I misbehaved with her and I was beaten badly after that."

Time for the date traps to be put in place, for the first trap, Arzoo is called by Ajay to the restaurant and is introduced to Shivang (actor). Ajay leaves on the pretext of attending an urgent call and the troubles begin!!!

Shivang does everything that Arzoo hates, keeps having medicines, and talks about how he is a 'mamma's boy'. He also asks Arzoo if she would like to marry his friend and where she'd like to go for the honeymoon. While Shivang is giving Arzoo a tough time, his mother (Actor), who is hot and young, joins the mayhem..!

Trap two begins with Ashish casting Saahil in the role of a male secretary and Nafisa plays the role of a hot boss. Sunaina meets Saahil and he gifts her a box of chocolate but starts to gorge on the chocolates himself. He tells her that she is here to date his boss (who is mind you, a female!!) And what follows is pure pandemonium.

Tune-in to Date Trap 2 to watch the madness that is to visit Arzoo and Suniana, on

Friday 2nd September, 2011 only on UTV Bindass.

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