Women's Cricket Of India & Bengal – An Overview

By Indrajit Ghosh Dastidar

Gargi Banerjee, former member of Indian National Women's Cricket Team and Manish Gupta, Minister, Govt. of West Bengal
Gargi Banerji, Former Cricketer of Indian National Cricket Team Discussing with Manish Gupta, Honorable Minister Government of West Bengal regarding development of Women's Cricket of Bengal

Calcutta, Sep 7, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) In 1890 Women's cricket in India was born amidst the unstable political ethos.  Initially, matches were played between mixed teams with six men and six women making up a team. News reports published in the magazine Indian Cricket in the 1930s has documented women's first forays into cricket.

In the match in Kathiawar in the 1930s beat their men counterparts comprehensively.

While cricket has become mass entertainment, the game itself continues to be a male preserve.

With financial crisis permanently threatening them, women's cricket associations continue to stagnate. Leading women cricketers are seldom given due recognition. Noted women cricketers suffer financial problems after retirement, to be rescued from such plight by welfare organizations and sports enthusiasts.

Women's Cricket of Bengal

Bengal started plying women cricket in the year 1974-75 & national championship won consecutively from 1975 to 1980 then again from 1982-83.

Many stalwarts have performed for Bengal like Sharmila Chakroborty, Runa Basu, Sandhya Mazumder, Sree Rupa Bose & Gargi Banerji. Gargi Banerji is the longest runner to play for India. Jhulan Goswamy is now Captain of Indian Women's Cricket Team.

Promotion and Support Needed

Women's Cricket needs support of sports enthusiast, sports organizations and over and above common masses of our country. Prospects of Women Cricket are great. Cricket is already enjoyed and having support of millions of Indians. Women themselves, been 46% (approx), viewer of popular Cricket Matches.

Promotion is needed. Social Welfare organizations must come forward and help sports organizations to promote Women Cricket. Sponsors too are having a serious role to play. Sponsorships demand for Women's Cricket are high.

Any person or organization interested to spread awareness about Women Cricket may please contact Ms. Gargi Banerji, former player Indian National Women Cricket Team & Chairperson East Zone Women Cricket Committee at cricketvision@hotmail.com or iidr_2004@yahoo.co.in. From all the valued readers suggestions for development of Indian National Women Cricket are also welcome.

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