Iti Mrinalini – Through the Eyes of Prosenjit

Iti Mrinalini – Through the Eyes of Prosenjit

September 5, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work): “The interval saw us sitting in silence,” says, Prosenjit, the heartthrob of millions of Bengalis, talking about ‘Iti Mrinalini,’ and how, within first few minutes of the flick, he was mesmerized by charisma that is Aparna Sen!

Prosenjit, as a child back in seventies, used to visit film studios holding fingers of his dad Biswajit – a famous actor of the time. With Mrinalini, he revisited those memory lanes, visualizing Aparna Sen – ‘Rinadi’ as he fondly calls her and grew up admiring her, as “the lady who would smoke and do it so blatantly.”

He recalls Aparna Sen’s attitude, the way she dressed, the way this, then new actress, took late sixties and seventies by storm; and asserts that even now Rinadi still has that same attitude. Konkona Sen has captured it perfectly well in the flick, portraying young Mrinalini, Prosenjit adds.

Prosenjit muses, it’s a challenge for Bengali commercial cinema to be accepted by the educated class. ‘Iti Mrinalini,’ with “some autobiographical elements” from Aparna Sen’s life, is bold and hits the audience, he further mulls.

Prosenjit finds it difficult to comment on the merits and demerits of an Aparna Sen Film. He concedes he never had the opportunity to work under her direction, Prosenjit knows the acting standard in a film by Rinadi is always high. She won’t let actors get off easily, he is sure of that. In ‘Iti Mrinalini,’ he found Koushik Sen and Senjuti Mukherjee’s acting note worthy, besides Konkona Sen and  Aparna Sen herself.

Summing it up, Prosenjit deduces, “Whatever you say, Aparna Sen on screen still holds the magic we remember…”

-- Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work