Listen to Kokakola (Coca Cola) Song from new Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Fande Poira Boga Kande Re (2011) Soham - Srabanti

Soham Srabanti Soumik Chatterjee in Fande Poira Boga Kaande Re Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie
Soham, Soumik Chatterjee, Srabonti

Calcutta, Sept 6, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Phande Poira Baga Kande Re is the title of the new Bengali movie expected to have a release date of September 30, 2011. The film is produced by Shree Venkatesh Films of Kolkata.

Fande Poira stars Soham as the hero and Bengali actress Srabanti as the heroine. Samidh and Jeet Ganguli are the music directors. The song is performed by Samidh Mukerjee and Kalpana Patoary. According to reports, the song is the first rap-influenced Bengali love song item number from Tollywood.

The film is directed by debutant director Soumik Chatterjee. The story is about how a trapped man untraps himself.

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Watch the music video of Kokakola via You Tube.

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