Fashion Designer Karolyne Ashley to Debut in New York Fashion Week

Atlanta, GA, August 27, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / pressreleasepoint) Kayne West and Avril Lavigne will not be the only ones making their New York Fashion week debut. Atlanta based fashion designer Karolyne Ashley will be making her fashion unveiling in a sartorial rite of passage in the fall New York Fashion Week. The show will mark the latest Spring 2012 collection of Karolyne Ashley line, which she calls "Muted Oasis," and is set to show Friday September 9th, 2011 at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 2:00pm.

Known for her use of bright bold colors and whimsical garment construction the debut line "Muted Oasis" will illustrate Karolyne Ashley's avant-garde and edgy designs for the risk taker along with her unique fashion sense that targets those who are independent, jet setter socialites always on the move.

Karolyne Ashley’s world explorations and vivid scenes of tropical waters and safari landscapes inspired the "Muted Oasis" collection. “I gained inspiration from water colored paintings,” says Karolyne Lockhart, designer of Karolyne Ashley. “The name, ‘Muted Oasis’ stemmed from the myriad of colors that make up ocean waters. The color pattern of the line ranges from the pastels to illuminating bright colors and gold metallic accents. You can expect to see a beautiful color palette and luxurious silk fabrics.”

Karolyne Ashley is no novice when it comes to designing. Karolyne Ashley created the Karolyne Ashley brand out of her love for fashion. She designs for the fashion forward woman that wants cutting edge and progressive styles while maintaining, immaculate craftsmanship catering to the quintessential fashion follower.

Karolyne Ashley’s influence of arts is expressed in the avant-garde approach that she carries out throughout the collection as she reinvents traditional designs for the fashion forward woman. Her desire is to create collections that will combine explosive creativity with modesty and functionality for both stage performers and contemporary fashionistas that don’t want to settle for the carbon copy clothing.

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