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Anushka Sharma

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Mumbai, Aug 26, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Anushka’s biggest fan lives it up on UTV STARS’ ‘Live My Life’!

Luxury cars, hi living and exotic food awaits Nayab.

Dreams do come true, and it was 21 year old student from Mumbai Nayab’s  who was the lucky one who’s dream to meet Anuskha turned into reality! His happiness knew no bounds when he got the chance to live starlet Anushka Sharma’s life for 1 whole day! Nayab is a huge fan of Anushka and will do anything to catch the slightest glimpse of her.

It began with a grandiose welcome, full filmi ishtyle with Doli and Baraat at the lobby of a 5 star hotel where he was put up at a presidential suite. His experience of the hi living was just about to begin as he geared to experience Anushka’s life, first hand. Once in the suite, Nayab could do anything but sleep! The young lad had to stay up until 2 am which incidentally is also Anushka’s bed time.

Much awaited surprises and lesser know facts about Anushka awaited him the next morning. Nayab was expected to buck up as he was to live like his dream superstar and do every little thing she did on a daily basis. To begin with he learnt of her dislike for fruits as he was made to gulp down a glass of vegetable juice much like she does. The unassuming chap then had an action packed day ahead of him beginning with an intensive gym session, followed by a breakfast of ‘Thalipeeth’ and lunch with Radhika Kale, Anushka’s personal nutritionist. While Nayab fancied a lavish lunch of butter chicken and naan he instead was treated to ’Wasabi’, a Japanese dish (Anushka’s favorite). Later in the day Nayab was a part of a dance session with choreographer Remo, post which Anushka’s Range Rover ‘Raka’ drove Nayab to ‘Enigma’, where he was asked to write a letter to Anushka. And what’s more! Anushka herself came to receive the letter. Soon after meeting her, he gave her a gold bracelet, something he had bought her ages ago, in hope that he would see her some day. Anushka was overwhelmed by his gesture. She returned the bracelet with lots of love for Nayab’s future wife!

Watch Nayab live the biggest dream of his life as he meets his favorite, Anushka Sharma, this Sunday, 28th August 2011, at 7 pm only on ‘Live My Life’, UTV STARS!

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