Tomay Bhalobashi (2011) Bengali Movie Review : Anand-Milind Debut in Tollywood Comedy Film feat. Shakti Kapoor

By Aditya Chakraborty

Tollywood Hero Kunal
Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Hero Kunal

Hot Sexy Bengali Movie Actress JHILIK
Bengali Movie Actress Jhilik

Bollywood Actor Shakti Kapoor in Bengali Movie Tomay Bhalobashi
Bollywood Actor Shakti Kapoor appears in Tollywood Bengali Film "Tomae Bhalobashi"

Calcutta, Sept 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Pitrasish Films is back with their latest film ‘Tomaye Bhalobashi’ starring hero Kunal and heroine Bengali actress Jhilik. The film is a comedy cum action film.

Abhi who stays at a N.C.C hostel falls in love with Tina, a girl staying from Sarada Hostel nearby. There is Major Shakti Gargari, the warden of Kunal’s hotel, a bachelor and someone obsessed with Katrina Kaif who finds his Katrina in Raka, the warden of the girl’s hostel.

Enter the villain Rana, also a N.C.C cadet and the younger brother of Raka, an anti social masquerading as a gentleman. He decides to go after Tina since they have family ties and Abhi (Kunal) becomes his biggest enemy. He makes life hard for Abhi in every way. False charges of murder are imposed on Abhi and he goes on the run after being arrested. He even kidnaps Tina to prove his innocence who comes close to Abhi later on.

Subsequently her father who is the police commissioner comes to know that Abhi is innocent and that Rana and Raka are the actual culprits.

This particular film is definitely better than Oh! My Love because of a few reasons. There is so much of action, comedy and drama in the film that you won’t get bored. The only problem is too much happens within too short a time! The film stands out because of the presence of Shakti Kapoor as Major Shakti Gargari who evokes a few laughs initially and then stands by his boys later on. Unfortunately his voice is dubbed. The famous Bollywood music director dup Anand-Milind have made their debut as music directors in Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Films with this movie. A couple of songs are unnecessary though.

You don’t get to be a N.C.C cadet with the hair that Abhi and his friends have nor can a N.C.C cadet wear ear studs like Rana. The other things you simply have to overlook. Most of the actors including Bharat Kaul and Biplab Chatterjee have acted well. The action scenes are okay, but Kunal seems to have an extremely strong Non Bengali accent which he needs to correct as soon as possible. Regarding Jhilik, more needs to be seen of her to comment.

Over all with all the key elements being present in this film, the film should have a good opening on Eid,the day of it's release.

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