NETFLIX Price Increase Opens Up TVE Domination and Elimination of Over-The-Top (OTT) threat - Synacor White Paper

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Buffalo, NY and NY, NY, September 01, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) Synacor, the market leader powering next-gen portals and TV Everywhere services reaching over 30 million high-speed Internet subscribers worldwide on behalf of cable, satellite, telecom and consumer electronics companies, today showcased its TV Everywhere (TVE) White Paper, which includes integration of Turner Broadcasting's Networks and Suddenlink. Additionally, as the Netflix September 1 price hike hits, Synacor CEO and TVE expert Ron Frankel offers perspective.

According to Synacor CEO Ron Frankel, “As far as Netflix customer abandonment, don’t expect a seismic shift. The vitriol makes for a good story, but doesn’t reflect reality. We’ll see many customers drop DVDs and shift to Netflix’ streaming only offering. Growth will slow, but no wholesale desertion.”

Sharing his perspective on Netflix, Frankel said, “Want to spike your subscription rates? Drop the direct-to-consumer model and allow Netflix to be bundled along with other MVPD offerings, just like HBO, Showtime or Starz. When you look at its market cap, windowed movie catalog, and original programming aspirations, Netflix looks a lot more like an HBO rather than a competitor to cable. Bundling Netflix as part of a cable tier is a better price value-proposition for consumers. Do this and see subscription rates soar.”

But most importantly, the Netflix price hike has opened the door for TV Everywhere runaway success. Frankel continued, “The Netflix price hike has opened the door wide open for TVE domination and elimination of any over-the-top (OTT) threat. I agree with Time Warner Chief Jeff Bewkes that it’s now a footrace to deliver a seamless, centralized, complete video offering to attract and retain subscribers. Just look at the instant success of True Blood and Game of Thrones viewed with the HBO GO app. Forget feuding between cable operators and programmers, now’s the time to get our act together and deliver the most compelling TVE experience conceivable—before the window shuts. Fail to deliver on the TVE promise, and we risk losing subscriber ARPU to online a la carte options.”

Synacor powers next-gen portals and TV Everywhere services reaching over 30 million high-speed Internet subscribers worldwide. Synacor clients—cable, telecom, and satellite providers, and consumer electronics companies—use Synacor's best-of-breed technology solutions to deliver video, news, gaming, sports and other value-added services, including Geek Squad technical support, across multiple digital platforms. Synacor's innovative technology platforms enable its partners to quickly adapt to the evolving online landscape, driving consumer engagement and generating new revenues through search, content distribution, advertising, value-added services and e-commerce. Synacor is headquartered in Buffalo, NY. For more information please visit

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