Free MP3 Download released by Indian musician Thomas Easaw - unofficial CWG song

CALCUTTA, India, September 29, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / I-Newswire) - Disappointed at the official CWG theme song, Thomas Easaw launches the unofficial welcome song for the Commonwealth Games 2010, called “Welcome to India”, for national pride is every citizen’s concern.

Thomas Easaw as writer and musician is the author of the book “Justice Theory and the Ten Amendments” and the music albums, “Don’t start The Last World War” & “5 for Obama”, along with many other singles on various social and political issues. He also spearheads “The Campaign for Judicial Accountability and 9 Other Amendments” and his is the “Campaign Song for Judicial Accountability”

Thomas Easaw is presently in the finishing stages of his new album “5 Against Obama”, in an effort to correct his own previous album “5 for Obama”, to be released in November this year, during President Obama’s visit to India.

The song can be heard at