Last Surviving Copy of THE JEDI PATH discovered in a Galaxy far, Far Away

Is the dark side getting you down? Fear not, Padawans, Jedi Knights, and STAR WARS™ fans. Now that the last surviving copy of THE JEDI PATH: A MANUAL FOR STUDENTS OF THE FORCE has been discovered, there will soon be balance in the Force. 

Emperor Palpatine reads The Jedi PathNew York, NY (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB Press Release) September 28, 2010: This fall, just in time for the holiday season, Lucasfilm™ announces the release of THE JEDI PATH: A MANUAL FOR STUDENTS OF THE FORCE, a first-of-its-kind artifact to come from INSIDE the STAR WARS™ universe. The unveiling of THE JEDI PATH was one of the highlights at the recent STAR WARS Celebration V as fans clamored to get a look at the "last surviving copy" of the famous Jedi textbook that was all but eliminated following the Clone Wars…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… a group of ancient Jedi Masters painstakingly set out to define the roles and training practices within the Jedi Order. Just one copy of the venerable tome has survived throughout the centuries, passed from Jedi Masters to their Padawans—and annotated over the years by Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, and Luke Skywalker, among others.

That’s the legend behind THE JEDI PATH, the training manual for Jedi that’s headed for new generations of STAR WARS fans in a deluxe Special Edition produced by becker&mayer! in collaboration with Lucasfilm, New York Times bestselling author Daniel Wallace, and celebrated STAR WARS illustrators.

"This is the first time a STAR WARS book has been treated as an actual artifact that originated in the STAR WARS universe. This thousand-year old textbook bears the handwritten notes of everyone from Yoda to Luke Skywalker, and it contains souvenirs including Qui-Gon's Padawan braid and a napkin from Dex's Diner," says Carol Roeder, director of publishing for Lucasfilm Ltd.

To heighten the drama of the revered text’s backstory, THE JEDI PATH Special Edition is housed within a sleek mechanical vault that opens with the touch of a button. Accompanied by light and authentic STAR WARS sounds, the book then rises on a platform within the vault.

“From the start of this project,” says Jim Becker, co-president of becker&mayer!, “we took pains to create an ‘in world’ text that would engage devoted collectors and younger generations of STAR WARS fans alike—all in an out-of this-world package. The effort in-house, as well as the collaboration with Lucasfilm and our manufacturing partners, was inspired.”

The 160-page manual has a faux-leather cover featuring embossing and foil stamping, as well as eight removable mementoes tucked within its pages—including Obi-Wan Kenobi’s sketch of his lightsaber (scribbled on a napkin from Dex’s Diner) and the Padawan braid of Qui-Gon Jinn, which was cut off during his Knighting ceremony. The book’s elegant design showcases more than 150 original illustrations by acclaimed STAR WARS artists including Tommy Lee Edwards, Chris Trevas, and Terryl Whitlatch.

Drawing extensively from existing STAR WARS lore, THE JEDI PATH also introduces new characters, ships and creatures to the STAR WARS galaxy. And now, STAR WARS fans can watch a short video about THE JEDI PATH on and, where they may also pre-order the Special Edition. This edition will also be available at most other major retailers in time for the holiday season. STAR WARS fans will enjoy the creativity, innovation, and superb quality of this tome as they gain new insights into the history and lore of the Jedi Order.

THE JEDI PATH: A MANUAL FOR STUDENTS OF THE FORCE by various Jedi Masters (& New York Times bestselling author Daniel Wallace), becker&mayer! 160 pages, ISBN-10: 1603800964, ISBN-13: 978-1603800969, $99.99, Fully illustrated-color illustrations, National on-sale date: September 28, 2010; Available at and at most major retailers

The ancient Masters who wrote the text are: Fae Coven, Grand Master and head of the Jedi Council; Crix Sunburris, Jedi Ace starfighter pilot; Restelly Quist, Jedi Chief Librarian; Skarch Vaunk, Jedi Battlemaster and lightsaber expert; Bowspritz, Jedi Biologist and expert on the Living Force; Sabla-Mandibu, Jedi Seer and Holocron expert; Morrit Ch’gally, Jedi Recruiter; Gal-Stod Slagistrough, Jedi leader of the Agricultural Corps.

Jedi who added personal commentary: Yoda, Thame Cerulian, Count Dooku, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Darth Sidious, and Luke Skywalker.

Daniel Wallace is the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Characters, as well as a dozen more books that explore the underpinnings of the STAR WARS universe, including Star Wars: The Essential Atlas and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia. He is a regular contributor to Star Wars Insider magazine and assembled the questions used in the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game. In addition to making many contributions to the galaxy far, far away, he has written for universes including Indiana Jones, Smallville, Supernatural, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics. He hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and you can keep up with his work at

You can also check out and for a comprehensive sneak peek of THE JEDI PATH.

Daniel Wallace is available for interview. Please contact Elena Stokes, Partner, Wunderkind PR, cell: 917-887-0784, email: elena(at)wunderkind-pr(dot)com to book an interview with the author or to request an excerpt of THE JEDI PATH Special Edition.

For more than 25 years, becker&mayer! LLC has created hundreds of innovative books that inform and entertain readers of all ages. THE JEDI PATH is one of several dynamic STAR WARS tie-ins created this year by the Bellevue, Washington–based book packagers becker&mayer! Visit for more information.

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