Interview | Joshua Fredric Smith - Actor (DAM 999, The Road To Freedom) - "India is a dream" | Audio

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JOSHUA FREDRIC SMITHThe first thing that strikes us, as it will surely strike you, is the immense enthusiasm and energy that radiates from Hollywood actor Joshua Frederic Smith. As you probably know, putting the label "Hollywood actor" on Josh would be immensely unfair - his thirst to get to know the world and the different peoples and cultures has led him to perform in films shot and produced in parts of the world far away from the glitz of Hollywood - films that capture events of great historical significance or try to tap into the limitless depths of timeless eastern philosophy. Josh has had a spectacular career so far and is still very young with adventure and curiosity about world cultures in his heart - we will no doubt continue to see wonderful films starring Josh as he ascends further.

Josh is also a writer and composer, and hints at a film based on his own story coming soon.

Marian Chatterjee talks to Josh on Washington Bangla Radio in this informal and very interesting audio recording. Not to give away too much and take away from your listening pleasure, Josh starts off by talking about growing up in a ranch in northern California and how he got into films.

Joshua was in India for an extended time, shooting for the film DAM 999 (the first Hollywood-style 3D film made in India) in which he plays Captain Fredrick Brown, a tongue-in-cheek Anglo-Indian mariner, an epitome of Hasya, the rasa of mirth and fun. Joshua describes India as "it was a dream - there is no other word for it" and describes how beautiful he thinks the Indian countryside is. One of the stories you will hear Josh telling us is how he did not want to miss any of the beauty and he insisted on sitting in the front seat of a vehicle with no air-conditioning, thus falling sick for three days, but absolutely no regrets.

Josh also talks about how he did not know what to expect when he went for shooting to India, but ended up being greatly impressed by the intelligence of the film-makers, crew and his fellow cast members and how he had a fantastic fun-filled time  on and off-screen. He would definitely be very interested in doing more films in India if opportunity comes.

Do not miss Josh talk about his role as Sean Flynn in The Road To Freedom - a film shot in Cambodia. A war film directed by Brendan Moriarty, The Road To Freedom is based on the true-life story of photojournalist Sean Flynn, who disappeared with fellow photojournalist Dana Stone in Cambodia in 1970. Joshua Fredric Smith portrays Sean Flynn while Scott Maguire portrays Dana. This film is of special appeal to Josh because it tells the story from a time his grandfather would know very well.

Some other films in which Joshua has appeared include Finding a Place (2009), Caravaggio: The Search, Big Time Rush (2009) (TV series), Absolute Evil, Born That Way, In My Pocket (2009), The Barrow Gang (1995) and Quest of the Delta Knights (1993).

Marian Chatterjee, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, has been studying Rabindrasangeet for 11 years primarily under Mrs. Rama Banerjee of Pittsburgh and also under Sri Rano Guhathakurta of Kolkata. She learned Bengali at the University of Washington, Seattle, under the late Dr. Carol Salomon, re-known translator of Lalon Giti.  A clinical and forensic psychologist by profession, Marian has participated in numerous cultural programs with the Bengali Cultural Society of Cleveland and has also served on the board. Other passions include translation of Rabindrasangeet.