The Best Cult, Horror and Exploitation Short Films in First Annual Short Film Contest

Horsham, PA (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) September 22, 2010: (, an online and direct mail DVD and VOD entertainment retailer specializing in unusual cult, horror and exploitation cinema, announced today the launch of the 2010 Short Film Contest. Short filmmakers are encouraged to submit their homemade cult, horror or exploitation movies to TLA’s corporate office in Philadelphia where four members of TLA’s web content department will screen the films in order to find the best and most unusual short films out there. Then they will choose 20 finalists whose work will appear using the site’s Streaming Video service for devoted genre fans to screen and vote for their favorites.

"We're looking for the weird, the wacky, the cheesy, the terrifying, the fiercely original…. We love genre movies here at TLA and we love seeing work whose creativity shines through despite the budgetary restrictions that short filmmakers have to face. If it’s trashy, we want it for our contest. If it’s bloody, we want it for our contest. If it’s totally off-the-wall weird we want it for our contest," said Dan Reed, Managing Editor of

To submit a film, interested parties must visit to print a copy of the submission form which should be enclosed along with a DVD copy of the submission. All submissions are due in by November 1st, 2010. Submissions should be under 20 minutes in length, completed in 2010 and not currently available on any commercial DVDs or pay-per-view sites. Submissions will not be returned to the filmmakers. The 20 finalists will be notified at least 24 hours prior to the contest’s official launch on December 1, 2010. customers will be encouraged to vote for their favorite selections before January 1st, 2011, when the prize winners will be announced.

"We are very excited to launch this contest. There are thousands of filmmakers out there making unique and crazy genre movies every year that, for whatever reason, only a very limited selection of people get to see, and even more cult movie fans hungry to watch them. With this contest, the filmmakers get exposure for their work they wouldn’t get otherwise, and the fans get access to some truly unique movies. Plus, what struggling filmmaker couldn't use $1,000? Needless to say, we can’t wait to see the submissions that come in. Personally, I’m hoping for something involving sexy ninjas doing battle with a trash monster," added Reed.

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