Bengali Film Review: PREM BY CHANCE (2010) - A complete entertainer Tollywood movie

Still from Kolkata Tollywood Bengali New Movie PREM BY CHANCE
A still from Prem By Chance (Bengali, 2010) Tollywood Bengali Film

Directorial duo Sudeshna Roy (exclusive WBRi Interview) and Abhijit Guha's latest directorial venture 'Prem By Chance' is one complete commercial film with it’s action, romance, songs, drama and is in fact their biggest film considering the lead pair is hot property. It is supposed to be a complete entertainer. Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha have repeated a lot of actors from their previous films including the lead pair. Other than them who have seen in Cross Connection (buy Bengali movie DVD in USA-CANADA) and Sudhu Tumi in the past, others like Biswajit Chakrabarty, Dwijen Banerjee and Jaijeet Banerjee have been seen in the past in their films. They have also introduced a few new faces (by new we mean not seen previously in the duo’s previous films like Locket Chatterjee, Tanima Sen, Manoj Mitra, Dipankar Dey etc all wonderful talented actors and actresses in their own right). This film has been made with a purpose of projecting a fresh pair in a love story with all the right ingredients, but it somehow does not entertain up to that level. The characters have been named appropriately specially that of Abir Chatterjee (WBRi exclusive interview) as Raju. Raju suits the name of a vagabond all right and so does Annapurna in the context of the film.

Raju is a complete vagabond. He does no work and quite often gets involved in brawls. He has been brought up by his uncle and aunt. The property on which his uncle's property exists has been bought by the local councilor Subhas Dutta. Raju goes to Subhas’s house to speak, but gets insulted by him and his son. He bashes up Subhash’s son Sanu and flees. The police start looking for him. Meanwhile Raju comes across Purna, Sanu’s girlfriend who gives Raju an excellent proposal. Purna is headed towards her ancestral village where she needs to take Sanu, but he can not go. She asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend and no one in her house knows how she looks. She would part with half of her jewellery to him and he would go to a place where no one could track him. Raju agrees and accompanies her to her ancestral place which is at a place called Nasipur. Over there Raju gets accepted by all the family members except Purna’s father. He even masters how to run a tractor, something Purna’s father is very close to. He wins a tractor race with his competitor Bijoy, brother of Ajoy, friend of Purna’s father who has high hopes of getting married to Purna. He completely wins over Purna’s father with this incident and another incident where he saves the Annapurna crop from being destroyed.

Meanwhile though Purna and Raju are acting as a couple, they sort of develop feelings for each other, but do not tell each other. Purna keeps on asking him from time to time ‘Why are you doing this for me? Who am I to you?’

Raju calls up home to discover that his uncle’s shop has been broken down. He is extremely disturbed. Meanwhile some villagers come to Purna’s father along with Ajoy to complain about Raju. Her father decided to get them married within exactly a couple of days. On the day before the wedding Raju goes to stay with Purna’s brother at a house. Bijoy and his men go to that house to attack Raju, but don’t find Raju since he has already left for Kolkata. Before he had left, Purna had come to meet him and offered to give him the jewellery as promised, but he refused to take it. She had still put the jewellery without him knowing it.

After Raju reaches Kolkata, he discovers that his love Rani is getting married to Sanu. He is shattered and discovers that he has made a big mistake and heads back to Nasipur. In the meantime, Purna’s marriage has been fixed with Bijoy as her family members are compelled to get her married as the time and date is auspicious. When Raju goes there, he is insulted and later on branded as a thief since jewellery from his bag falls to the floor. He is beaten up by Purna’s family members though Purna protests and says that she had placed the jewellery in his bag and he was unaware. His uncle and friends arrive there and speak on his behalf . Purna’s brother tells his father that he saw Bijoy that night when he came to attack Raju. Purna’s father is shocked and refuses to get her married to Bijoy. He storms off and later sets the crops belonging to Purna’s family on fire. All the family members go there and try to do something about the situation, specially Raju. He betas up Bijoy and his men as well. All the crops are destroyed and the family members spend the entire night at the field. In the morning when they search for Raju, it is discovered that he is lying on the field and he has been able to save a little of the Annapurna crop. Purna’s father is overjoyed and that is the end.

The problem with Abir is he is hot property all right after his performance in Byomkesh Bakshi but that was a film for the classes as well as the masses. Target audiences for the two films are a little different and Abir might not exactly be a hot name or a very recognized name to draw in the crowds by the hordes. He has done his job all right as Raju and is convincing in the action sequences. Koel Mullick as Annapurna is good as always. The supporting cast is good, but people like Tanima Sen have not got a chance to show their talent here. The biggest drawback of this film is that Rupankar makes his debut as a music director with this film and has utilised the services of many singers for this film including the services of Subhamita, Jojo, Pratik Choudhury and others but not one track is worth remembering. This is indeed very, very surprising.

We see that at the end Raju’s uncle literally lands up at Purna’s place with his friends as literally ‘Barjatri’. The point is how did they know Purna’s address as Raju had never mentioned his address to them before?

Arijit Dutta, the owner of several theatres and multiplexes in Kolkata including Priya and Bioscope better known as Dadul makes an unusual impression as his acting style is quite unusual.

Review by Aditya Chakrabarty, Kolkata, India

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