Converse discontinues shoes with Hindu deities, says pics of Hindu God from Jimi Hendrix album

Converse Shoes with Hindu Gods
An example of the discontinued line of Converse Shoes with Hindu Gods
Image from Forum for Hindu Awakening

Germantown, MD, Sept 24, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio USA) Converse Shoes had recently released a line of shoes featuring pictures of  Hindu Deities, causing a controversy among Hindus.

Converse Shoes have pulled their Converse Chuck Taylor Jimi Hendrix/Axis line of shoes after Hindus complained to them. It turns out Converse Shoes intended to support the music culture and to celebrate the contributions of the global music icon, Jimi Hendrix and the pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on their shoes were directly taken from artwork from the 1967  album "Axis: Bold as Love" that included images of Hindu deities.

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