Satish Shah - Yeh Jo hai Zindagi - top 1980's comedy TV series DVD release by Shemaroo

23 Sep’10, Mumbai, India (Washington Bangla Radio USA / Shemaroo): Laughter is one of the best medicines to relieve oneself from any worldly stress and pain.. And when the medicine is prescribed by the expert of Laughter “Satish Shah” himself, then the result has to be absolutely hilarious and fun.

After the success of the entire series of “Yeh Jo hai Zindagi” episodes on DVDs, Shemaroo Entertainment releases “Satish Shah’s favourite episodes from Yeh Jo hai Zindagi” on DVDs.

“Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi” is a completely hilarious family comedy show starring Satish Shah, who moulded himself into various characters to make us all laugh. He added spice in Ranjit (Shafi Inamdar) and Renu’s (Swaroop Sampat) life, by personifying various characters from our day to day life. Whether it is Kirit Bhai – the King of Psychology or Rustomjee – the Parsi Uncle, he injects loads of laughter and giggles with every character for his audiences. 

Hiren Gada, Director, Shemaroo Entertainment, comments, “After releasing the entire series, we realized the popularity of the different characters played by Satish Shah and that encouraged us to come up with a special edition pack featuring episodes of the best characters played by Satish Shah.” 

Satish Shah, the actor shares his thoughts about the DVD “The humour in Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi revolved around the Middle Class ambiance and values and that's what touched every Indian heart. The humorous one liners and comic punches have indeed proved their long shelf life, as they are enjoyed even today and hopefully will continue to do so in the future as well. The series arises a nostalgic feeling and brings a smile on every face.”
 “Satish Shah’s favourite episodes from Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi” - 2DVD Set, features 12 episodes of Satish Shah’s 10 favourite characters played by him in the series. The DVD features exclusive interviews from Satish Shah before each episode where he shares his experience and the beautiful moments he came across while shooting for the series. This DVD is an effort to create a Rangoli of Laughter by blending various colours of life through the different characters played by Satish Shah.

Two Bonus Episodes from another famous TV series of the Doordarshan days, “Zabaan Sambhalke” starring Pankaj Kapoor as the hindi teacher, also form part the DVD set.

The DVD set is economically priced at Rs.299 /- MRP.