Dengue in Philippines - Anti Mosquito patches best protection especially for children

Mosquito bites cause Dengue Fever in Philippines, threaten children in all cities including upscale residential areas; anti mosquito patches are parents' best means to protect their children and infants in Philippines. Mosquito repellent patches.

Sep 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio - PRLog) – Dengue Fever is one of the greatest threats to living in the Philippines.  This year again, Dengue has reached epidemic levels and many deaths have been caused by Dengue virus here in Philippines.  Dengue fever is as much a threat to adults as it is to children and infants in Philippines. 

Parents are deeply concerned with threat of Dengue fever in Philippines.   They protect the children against Dengue carrying mosquito in Philippines by letting them wear mosquito repellent patches on their clothing especially in school, picnic and malls. 

Although measures are taken on a bigger scale across the Philippines, cases of Dengue fever are still on the rise.  As of September 2010, the number of reported cases of Dengue in Philippines exceeded 470.  Those living in or visiting the Philippines have only one effective way to avoid contracting Dengue Fever and that is to avoid mosquito bites.  Mosquito Repellent and anti-mosquito patches now available in Philippines are especially useful for young children and infants whose skins are sensitive to anti-mosquito sprays and mosquito off lotions.

Mosquito Repellent Anti-mosquito Patches are now available in the Manila Philippines for p650/box in very limited quantities clearly unable to meet surging demands for effective protection against Dengue Fever transmitted through mosquito bites. 

These mosquito repellents are the most child-friendly forms of mosquito-bite preventions available today in the Philippines.   Although the odor is medium strong, it is much more child-friendly than sprays and lotions applied to the skin. 

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Prevent Dengue Fever - Mosquito repellent patches now available in Philippines, especially useful for young children, an effective way to avoid contracting Dengue Fever and that is to avoid mosquito bites, now from Clark Novelty Shop