Interview: PADAKSHEP challenging economic hardship for higher education via scholarships for gifted students in Bengal and India

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PADAKKHEP Salt Lake City UtahSalt Lake City, Utah, Sep 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio USA) Padakshep (the word in Bengali means "Footsteps") is a philanthropic organization operating from Salt Lake City, Utah, The USA actively providing financial assistance to meritorious students in West Bengal whose capital performance at the high school level would otherwise not have resulted in undergraduate studies due to their inability to bear the financial burden.

They write in their web-site, "Padakshep a dream shared by a group of like-minded people, that rests its faith in the notion that education can make a huge difference in shaping a society. We further believe that the responsibility to realize this dream lies with each and everyone of us who has had the good fortune to avail higher education, and thus the various good opportunities in life. With this vision, plenty of hope, and your generous help we have taken a small step - a Padakshep."

Washington Bangla Radio USA had an opportunity to talk to two of the core members of the organization that truly propels the careers of the gifted. Arijit Chakraborty of Washington Bangla Radio USA talks to Dr. Debansu Chaudhuri, Vice Chairman, and Arnab Rudra, treasurer and enthusiastic member of Padakshep in this audio interview that you can listen to by pressing the Play button in the audio player above.

Dr. Chaudhuri and Arnab talk in detail the wonderful work Padakshep is doing, and explains to us exactly how Padakshep identifies the students that are really in need of financial assistance. You will hear about the extraordinary steps taken by Padakshep to make sure the funds from the fledgeling organization are made available to those in need of it most - representive visits to their homes, verification of income from various sources including official records and administrative officials, teachers, school principals and so on are consulted. Arnab makes the interesting observation that often times the economic situation of short-listed students diverge from that reported in newspapers.

Padakshep has excellent transparency - all operational information is uploaded to their web-site monthly.

You are urged to to learn more about Padakshep and perhaps contribute to their noble mission. Padakshep can be reached at Padakshep, 921 Medical Plaza, Salt Lake City, UT-84112, USA, e-mail: