Uttam Kumar oldie Bou Thakuranir Hat (1953) Bengali Movie - DVD Release Review

Bou Thakuranir Haat 1953 DVD release - a still
A still from Bou Thakuranir Haat (1953) DVD Release

Bou Thakuranir Katha (1953) Uttam Kumar Tollywood Kolkata Bengali MoviePublished in 1883, Bou Thakuranir Hat holds the distinction of the first novel written by Rabindranath Tagore, the nobel-prize winning Bengali writer, composer, poet and artist. Tagore revisited the plot multiple times - his later plays Prayaschitto (1909) and Paritran (1929) have roots in Bou Thakuranir Hat. His hero Pratapaditya in the novel has been described as an antagonist more than a protagonist by Tagore himself.

Channel-B has released director Naresh Mitra's 1953 film adapted from Tagore's novel in DVD format. The black-and-white classic starred Uttam Kumar, Pahadi Sanyal, Nitish Mukherjee, Padma Devi, Manju Dey, Sombhu Mitra, Bhanu Bannerjee, Satya Bannerjee and others. Music was directed by Dwijen Chowdhury.

The DVD features subtitles in English and is available worldwide via Washington Bangla Radio's affiliate from Kolkata, for the price of (at the time of writing) a meager $7.12. The region-free Bengali DVD release is shipped worldwide, including North America (USA-Canada) and is available in NTSC format.

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