Akrosh (2010) Hindi Movie Saude Bazi song promo - a simple love song feat. Bipasha Basu - Ajay Devgan

EROS International have released a very nice promo video of the song Saude Baazi from Akrosh (2010) - a film based around honor killings. Ajay Devgan plays Captain Pratap Kumar in the film.

This particular music video depicts a happy couple in love - Ajay Devgan and Bipasha Basu portray their love for each other in simple yet powerful ways. The director desists from bringing in unnecessary nerve-jarring sexy Bipasha Basu scenes, thus resulting in a calm, soothing effect.

In one scene, Ajay Devgan's name appears in a newspaper and Bipasha proudly flashes that page to him.

In another scene, Ajay Devgan and Bipasha try to have ice-cream - but Ajay ends up donating his to a pretty young girl. Soon, all local boys and girls line up for their free ice-creams from Ajay.

Acclaimed film-maker Priyadarshan's Bollywood Hindi action-thriller movie Aakrosh is about honor killings in Northern India. The star cast includes Ajay Devgan, Akshay Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Paresh Rawal, Reema Sen, Amita Pathak and others.

Check it out - watch it online exclusively from EROS International via Washington Bangla Radio.