Auto Racing Champion Marco Ferrera in 2nd place with Honda JDM

Marco Ferrera

Miami, FL (Washington Bangla Radio - PRWEB) September 19, 2010: Marco Ferrera, the auto racing victor, reached second place in his Honda JDM Type R at the Fara Stock Car Race.

"I'd like to thank The Brazilian Steak House Feijao com Arroz which supports my team and honors the event with its unique Brazilian food and beautiful Brazilian girls at the finish podium as well," he said.

Thanks to the TOTAL OIL Ferrera uses, his Honda JDM Type R showed amazing performance facing Miami's challenging 95 degree heat, despite a broken distributor that damaged his chances of getting a good qualifying position on Saturday.

"All weekend I had to drive with 400 rpm less than my normal performance drive at 9,100 rpm, because of the handicapped distributor problem, I didn't want take chances and break it again," he said.

Even though he had an electrical problem Ferrera was able to climb all the way up to the lead position for 95% of the race--ahead of more powerful cars like the BMW and V8 Mustangs as well. But trouble struck again when Ferrera's right front camber broke with only two laps to go, forcing him to slow down and yield the field to his worst point competitors in order to keep the car on track until the checker flag.

Once again, Ferrera managed to complete all four of the weekend's races. Even with the mechanical problems he encountered, he remains one of the only drivers to actually drive all by himself in contrast with other teams where multiple drivers share their racecar. Also because only Ferrera drives two classes on the same race, he accumulated enough points to jump to 2nd in the 1.8 MP4 Class and to 3rd in the 3.0 MP3 Class Championships.

Ferrera credits his auto racing success to his KAW team and his own perseverance. "With every race, my team and I mature which increases our chances of getting two Championships at once. This has never been done before and I am currently the only one trying for it. My performance on the track has earned me the nick name The Fastest Blue Honda JDM, as well as many congratulations at the end of every race from a crowd of admirers watching my Blue Honda surpass cars with more than double the Power."