Announcing cast of Shukti Intl. presentation of Bangla Natok Prothom Partho by Buddhadev Bose

Shukti Antorjatik Shilpi Goshthi

Bengali Radio Performance of Bangla Natok PRATHAM PARTHO written by Buddhadev Bose

Announcement of the cast with brief biographies of Shukti Antorjatik Shilpi Goshthi presentation of Bangla Radio Natok Prothom Partho written by Buddhadev Bose. This will be 2nd Bangla Radio Drama by Shukti produced and presented by Washington Bangla Radio. Final rehearsals are in progress now; the Bengali radio drama audio will be recorded and broadcast very soon and will be made available from Washington Bangla Radio's Audio-on-demand service as well as our podcast in Apple iTunes.

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Subho Basu : Briddho
Arnab Roy Choudhury : Briddho
Arijit Chakraborty : Krishno
Aditi Gupta : Kunti
Mousumi Sengupta : Draupadi
Debashish Rauchaudhuri : Karno

Brief Profile of the Actors and Actresses

Subho Basu
Subho Basu, a resident of Akron, Ohio, is a biomedical knowledge marketer, and transformation specialist by profession. In regards to the activities related to theater/plays, Subho prefers to be in the audience, whenever he is in an auditorium, although, occasionally he ends up on stage with make-up and costume. He has acted in a number of Bengali plays and also enjoys backstage management and photography.

Arijit Chakraborty
Arijit Chakraborty is a resident of Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada. He is a Certified Management Accountant by profession with certification from both India and United States. He is a student of Dakshinee and has had many years of training in Rabindrasangeet under Sri Rano Guhathakurta. He has participated in numerous dramas by Tagore and has done extensive work with Group Theatre in Kolkata. Arijit is closely associated with Washington Bangla Radio.

Marian Chatterjee
Marian Chatterjee, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, has been studying Rabindrasangeet for 11 years primarily under Mrs. Rama Banerjee of Pittsburgh and also under Sri Rano Guhathakurta of Kolkata. She learned Bengali at the University of Washington, Seattle, under the late Dr. Carol Salomon, re-known translator of Lalon Giti.  A clinical and forensic psychologist by profession, Marian has participated in numerous cultural programs with the Bengali Cultural Society of Cleveland and has also served on the board. Other passions include translation of Rabindrasangeet.

Debashish Raychaudhury
Debashish Raychaudhury is a resident of Kolkata. Professionally, he is a professor of English. He is also a re-known singer and director of several TV documentaries. He joined Doordarshan as a Presentation Announcer in 1977 and also worked as a producer between 1982 and 1985. He has performed and taught Tagore songs and other genres of Bengali music in India and England. He has a number of CDs in Rabindrasangeet and other genres of Bengali music. Many of his documentary films have received national & international awards. Debashish is the recipient of the prestigious “SAMATAT” award for his contribution in the field of music & culture. He heads the drama wing of Dakshinee and has directed many plays of Tagore for stage and television.

Arnab Roy Chowdhury
Arnab Roy Chowdhury resides in Kolkata and owns a business in website/ software development and multimedia. By hobby, he is an avid musician, artist, and actor who has done programs on stage, radio and television. Arnab has directed dramas and short films and is an experienced anchor and announcer since the 1970s. He also contributes articles to the major newspapers of Kolkata. Currently Arnab heads the cultural wing of the South Point School Alumni Association. 

Mousumi Sengupta
Mousumi, a current resident of Cleveland, Ohio, started her career as a recitation artist. While still living in Kolkata, she began acting in commercial radio plays and in group theater (Rupadarshan) and has worked as a television anchor on several programs. In 1999 she came to the US and soon began performing in Bengali plays locally, nationally and off Broadway. Her performance in a 2003 drama received acclaim in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. Recently she has started as a theater director using film acting and other multimedia techniques on stage.

Aditi Gupta
Aditi is a current resident of Kolkata and is a student of Dakshinee. She runs her own business in boutique & fashion designing and also performs Rabindrasangeet on a professional level. Aditi was one of the participants in the First Online Global Rabindrajayanti which was organized by Washington Bangla Radio in 2010.