England are Tiddlywinks World Champions in Washington DC !

The England Team head home after retaining the Tiddlywinks World Championship in Washington DC. Isle of Wight, England, September 15, 2010 /Washington Bangla Radio / India PRwire/ -- The last tournament in 2005 ended with a comfortable win over the Americans by the England team but this time the score line was much tighter. The England team defeated the Americans by 125-99. The match was apparently quite close - the Americans had a one point lead at the half-way stage - before the forces of good prevailed. Multiple world champion and Rapanui ambassador Dr Patrick Barrie explains the feeling in the English camp after the historic win:"England vs US is a classic grudge match. It's the oldest rivalry in tiddlywinks history and we're all excited to fly the flag for England - this win means".The World Teams event has its roots in Oxford University's tour of the US in the Autumn of 1962, sponsored by Guinness, when Oxford beat all challengers, including a team from the New York Giants. This year the England team chose to partner with UK Eco Fashion brand Rapanui after becoming disillusioned with modern ambassadorial marketing. The founding young entrepreneurs of Rapanui, Rob and Martin Drake-Knight, decided that modern ambassadorial marketing is 'just not cricket' - so set out with their award-winning company to find honest, real people who are passionate about their sport in a way that reflects an honest approach business, the environment and life. The brothers found Dr Patrick Barrie, a Chemical Engineer from Cambridge University and multiple Tiddlywinks world champion - then recruited the rest of the English Tiddlywinks national squad, who happen to be some of our country's brightest scientific minds. Along with Dr Stew Sage, Patrick worked with Rapanui to develop some cutting edge performance Eco-wear for the tournament, design a new logo and tactical formation. Mart Drake-Knight, Rapanui Co-founder explains why: "Young people need entrepreneurs to create jobs and access to the right kind of support, inspiration and advice - that's the real 'big society' message. Our country's greatest asset, being able to laugh in the face of adversity, has been lost in the media, saturated with photoshopped stars promoting a lifestyle that is unattainable; it's not healthy and it doesn't inspire young people to do the things that would really improve the quality of our lives. Being English, being entrepreneurs, embracing our society, culture, environment and entrepreneurial heritage can be cool - young people need role models like the England Tiddlywinks team." Rob Drake-Knight commented - "they've won more times than they've lost - this makes them the most successful England team in all international sport. For more on Rapanui bespoke custom clothing visit www.rapanuiclothing.com/wholesale Rapanui is about making cool eco-fashion for young people; that means clothing that is eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable: Made from natural organic fabrics in a Fairwear Foundation audited, wind powered factory. Through surfing the brothers saw and experienced the changing environment and climate at their local beach and as inspired, unemployed graduates in a recession, they took a different path; if you can't find a job, make one. Rapanui has held Seminars and Lectures at UK and EU universities and multinational companies such as Centrica PLC on Sustainable Business and sit on the Panel at Plymouth University's All our Future Conference. Rapanui has made bespoke versions of its clothing for multinationals and charities including Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and the Marine Conservation Society. Rapanui was set up by brothers Mart and Rob Drake-Knight in early 2008 with £200 of savings and was listed in the Top 100 Startups of 2008. Rob and Martin are listed on the Future 100 List of Top young Entrepreneurs and were recently finalists in Enterprise UK's Young Brits awards. Rapanui was the youngest company to win the Sustainable Business Awards in May 2010 and has recently been nominated for the internationally-recognised ISPO Brand New Award. Rapanui is a Finalist in the 2010 RSPCA Good Business Awards. - http://www.indiaprwire.com/pressrelease/fashion/2010091562171.htm