Launch of Shunechi Tomari Gaan by Nilanjann Nandy - Western classical Chamber Orchestra Style Rabindra Sangeet album

Nilanjann Nandy - Shunechi Tomari Gaan new Bengali audio songs Rabindra Sangeet album release
Actor Sabyasachi Chakraborty with Nilanjann Nandy and daughter
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We already featured the singing talent Nilanjan Nandy and his newest Pujo album “Sunechi Tomari Gaan” with his daughter Niharika.

Read all about and listen to free audio song samples online from the album here. Also check out Nilanjann Nandy in an intimate and comprehensive interview video with Washington Bangla Radio here.

The album is a homage to Rabindranath Tagore at his 150th Birth year.

The album has been released on another significant day, 9/11, to spread the message of peace through songs written by Rabindranath.

That day, Sabyasachi “Feluda” Chakrabarty was present at Planet M, South City Mall, Kolkata to release the album featuring Nilanjan and his daughter Niharika.

The theatre persona Phalguni Chatterjee and his wife, actor Rumki Chatterjee ( father and mother of Abir “Byomkesh” Chatterjee ) were also present at that evening.

Nilanjan started his acting career under their guidance.

Sabyasachi, Phalguni and Rumki have praised Nilanjan a lot and cheered up the new talent, Niharika.

The album is an experimentation of Western classical Chamber Orchestra Style Music Arrangement in an entire  Rabindra-Sangeet album. That too, without using any Acoustic Instruments; TOTALLY COMPUTER PROGRAMMED by Nilanjann Nandy himself (all the instruments)

Though people say that the market of Mucsical CDs is not good, the sale of the album at Planet M ,just after release, was good.

Nilanjan has announced that he will donate the entire money from 1st day’s selling to the betterment of stray animals as he and his daughter regularly take care of street dogs.

The effort is very noble and appreciated by animal activist actor Sabyasachi Chakrabarty who has bought the 1st CD.

We wish all the success for father – daughter duo and the album.

Songs of the album:

1.    Ami chini go chini tomaare –Nilanjann
2.    Boro Asha Kore – Nilanjann
3.    Tumi kemon kore gaan koro he guni – Neeharika (Nilanjann’s daughter)
4.    Je chhilo amaar swapono charini – Nilanjann
5.    Bhalobeshey jodi sukho nahi – Nilanjann
6.    Anondo lokey, Mongolalokey – Neeharika
7.    E ki Gobheer Bani – Nilanjann
8.    Chaader Haasir Baadh bhengeachhe – Nilanjann
9.    Tumi ki keboli chhobi – Nilanjann
10.    Phooley phooley – Nilanjann

Vocals: Nilanjann Nandy and Neeharika Nandy
Music Programming, Arrangement, Concept, Recording: Nilanjann Nandy
Voice dubbing: Studio Vibrations
Sound Mixing & Mastering: Whitemagic Studios, by Nilanjann Nandy
Gear: Sennheiser & Neumann microphones, Yamaha Music Workstation,
          Ovation Guitars, Rainbow Strings Chamber VSTi, TASCAM Grand Piano
          VSTi and Nuendo 4 and Wavelab-6 by Steinberg.
CD cover photograph – Deep Bhattacharya

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