Biblical Researcher Rick Lannoye claims Jesus Did Not Believe in Hell

In his new book, Hell? No! Why You Can Be Certain There Is No Such Place as Hell, biblical researcher and religious philosopher Rick Lannoye forcefully argues that Jesus did not believe in Hell.

Plano, TX, September 15, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) At last, no one ever need suffer again from the slightest fear that God would ever put anyone in Hell. In his book, Hell? No!, Why You Can Be Certain There Is No Such Place As Hell, biblical researcher Rick Lannoye has not only provided scores of forceful arguments against the myth of Hell, but has exposed a religious and political alliance that propagates the fear of an eternal place of torture for purely earthly gains.

Lannoye recounts how, shortly after he had been converted to Evangelicalism as a young teen, "the indoctrination process began. Although, I had been led to believe in Jesus to experience his love and care, I was slowly, but deliberately led to believe I also had to accept that, one day, the caring God I first came to, would torture vast billions! Something was wrong and, in time, I determined to find out how the loving Jesus of the gospels could possibly ever hurt anyone, just for not loving him back."

After two decades of "intensive research and deep soul searching," Lannoye says the answer came. "I felt like Saul of Tarsus must have, after what seemed like scales had fallen off his eyes and he began to see. It became clear to me that the message of Jesus had been perverted. That a broad range of propaganda techniques, the superimpostion of man-made doctrines and enormous pressures on bible publishers have been vigorously applied for decades, if not centuries, to turn Jesus' message of God's unconditional love for all into a loathsome anti-gospel of Hell and damnation."

In response, Lannoye has written what could very well be the clearest expose' to date on what the biblical texts actually reveal about Jesus' good news--that God does not punish, but forgives, does not hurt, but heals and does not damn, but saves.