New StoryClub Game - Girls' Night Out Becomes Girls' Night

Forget clubbing it for girls' night out. Girls' Night StoryClub is the hottest new girls' night in game that will have you and your girlfriends connecting and laughing while writing stories together. The game was created by women who needed a break from their book clubs. Starter cards get your stories going and People, Places and Things cards keep the story going. Risque? Depends on your group of friends. And wine consumption of course.

Charleston, SC, September 15, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB)  There's a hot new club in town and it's called StoryClub. Touted as ‘girlfriend therapy that’s better than bunko and book club,' StoryClub debuted with an inaugural Girls’ Night Edition. “The idea started with a dream,” said creator Marcie Jacobs. “My book club couldn’t agree on which story to read next. So, instead we decided to write our own.” That dream turned into a vision of actual clubs where groups of friends write stories together. After researching the idea, Jacobs and a couple of girlfriends outlined the process of how-to-play. “We knew there would to be a storybook and some sort of starter cards, character cards, and wildcards." As the concept was fine tuned, the cards were deemed Story Starters, People, Places, and Things. Once the first draft was written and handmade cards and a storybook created, an Evite was sent to girlfriends teasing a new kind of girls’ night.

Deceit, murder, romance and hilarity. There’s no telling where a StoryClub story will go! “The first Girls’ Night StoryClub not only worked, but it was hilarious,” said Jacobs. Soon thereafter, graphics were developed and negotiations were underway with manufacturers and vendors to get the game produced. The original club continued to meet monthly. “Each time the stories got better and better while giving us more ideas to fine-tune the concept,” said Jacobs. After eight months of tweaking and editing content and design, the first edition is now available at

Next on the agenda? The company has already begun writing the Kid’s Edition that they hope will be used in schools as a tool to help improve writing skills. “We have loads of ideas for StoryClub. Our hope is to be able to offer something for everyone because people + laughter + creativity = guaranteed fun!”