TV Show Review - 1

The Indian Puran says that music was born from the damru of Lord Shiva(the God of destruction). The world where we live in, is the world of sound actually. All most every living thing(and the non living things too) has a sound of its own. We can recognise things with there sounds often.The sound has the power to control the minds and the moods of people. The sounds are using even therapeutically now a days. We depend on the sounds for our exterior and interior care too.The sounds are playing great roles in our lives indeed. But every sound is not a music at all. We can find music in nature very easily. The rivers, oceans, rainfalls,birds etc. sing songs for us naturely. They are the natural sources of music. They are the real creators. But we are not. Man is not the natural source of music. That is why we had to create sargams and instruments to create music. We can not create music. But all most all of us love to listen music. Few of us can sing songs or play instruments or write or compose songs. It is said that ‘who does not love music, can become a killer in near future.’ Music has a divine power. Music is a divine thing it self. The men and women from music world are the blessed people indeed. In our country, it is said that,The one of the members of Sahensha Akbar’s Navaratna Sabha, the legendary singer Mian Tan Sen had the power to lighten Diyas by sing a song(Deepak Rag). There are different types of music in the world. Such as Western Music,Indian Music etc. In our country, we can listen every kind of music,every division,subdivision of the music. Because,it is said by the people that we Indians are very much music lovers by nature. In our country, we generally listen filmy and non-filmy songs in a huge number every day. But,filmy songs, specially Hindi filmy songs are very much popular in all over the country. Non-Hindi people are also mad for the Hindi film songs. Muhammad Rafi, Kishor Kumar,Lata Mangeshkar,Asha Bhonsle,Manna Dey, Hemant Kumar, Jagmohan, Laxmikant-Payrelal, A.R.Rahman, Gulzar, Javed Akhtar etc. are the assets of the world. Every day from morning to night we can watch and listen enormous Hindi movie songs in all most each and every television channel of our country. The‘E 24’ is one of those channels only. Every day from 6am to 1.15pm we watch and listen many Hindi filmy songs in this channel too. But,there is a speciality -- we can see and hear some songs of a special subject(like SUFI SONGS, MONSOON SONGS) or a special artist (like GULZAR,RAKHI, KUMAR SANU, A.R.RAHMAN etc.). In the ‘star shake’program we can read about many unknown facts of the stars. These things really attract people a lot. Not only that, there are some historical importance of these like of television programs broadly in our lives and in the civilization too. We should appreciate the ‘E 24’ channel for their this effort with heart and soul.