Actress NEGAR KHAN of DOUBLE CROSS fame in leaked private party pictures scandal

NEGAR KHAN Hot Pole Dance Scene | DOUBLE CROSSChadti Jawani girl Negar Khan, whose participation in the Indian reality TV show Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao caused her popularity and that of the show to both surge, is again in the tabloids and internet gossip columns via some hot leaked pictures from a private party.

The primary cause of her popularity in the TV show Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao was a scene involving bathing in a waterfall. Though no nudity was involved, the bikini-clad Negar Khan looked beautiful enough to take the entire show upwards in ratings.

Negar Khan as always been controversial, though Bollywood box office success that she yearns for eludes her. Of Norwegian-Iranian descent, she grew up in Norway. She has two graduate degrees from Australia.

In previous instances, she has ruled tabloids by accidentally dropping her top during a fashion show in Norway, shooting topless pictures for VI Menn magazine and then disowning the pictures as altered, and performing a strip-club style pole dance she specially trained for in the Hindi film Double Cross - Ek Dhokha [ BUY DVD ONLINE ] starring Ayesha Jhulka, Negar Khan and Sahil Khan. Double Cross (2005) is directed by Vicky Tejwani.

Apparently in Indian Bollywood movie pole dance scenes, women are not naked, let alone topless. The Indian film releases are still regulated by a government-controlled body and decrees what the public should and should not watch.

Watch Negar Khan pole dance in Double Cross via a video posted at You Tube.