Matt Costa - Matt Costa Unveils New Album Details And Free Mp3 Download The Season (Opening Track)

matt costa

Californian singer-songwriter Matt Costa will release his new album 'Mobile Chateau' through Island/Brushfire Records on October 4th. To mark the launch of his 3rd album release, Matt has made the opening track 'The Season' available to download as a free MP3.

'Mobile Chateau' is a departure from his last recordings, which finds Matt exploring mixing reverb and classic 60s pop arrangements that fans of The Beach Boys and The Byrds might appreciate. To help with his latest experiment, Matt recruited a completely new band to back him up. The Mothers Sons are a Southern Californian collective made up of Rob Rowe (guitar/bass), Kenny Bender (guitar/bass), Danny Garcia (guitar/bass) and Jona Wilder (drums).

Working with his new band and feeling his way as a producer and engineer, Costa pushed himself to create an outwardly quality to his songs, "I wanted to make sure that I had a lot of strange effects to add to eerie qualities to the softer elements I've done before," he says. "You can hear those space oddities intertwined with the Beach Boys sunshine pop of 'Drive' and the Byrds-on-acid slink of 'Next Time'."

Download The Season here!