Jishu comes back - Kokhono Biday Bolo Na (2010) Bengali movie review by Aditya

Newcomer Tollywood Actress ROOPSHA MUKHERJEE
Tollywood's newcomer heroine RUPSHA MUKHERJEE (WBRi exclusive interview)

Actress Rupsha Mukherjee Poster Wallpaper Bengali movie Kokhono Biday Bolo NaSept 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Kakhono Biday Bolo Na is a story about love, emotions, suspense and how fate changes things so quickly in a film. The storyline of the film is quite different from the rest of the films and that is good news. This film is the comeback film of Jisshu Sengupta as the lead role after a while as he has fallen back in the rat race among the other heroes in the industry and a lot depends on the box office which would determine Jisshu’s fate as a male lead.

Akash stays in North Bengal with his parents, sisters, grandfather and his brother in law. A rich man called Amit falls in love with Chutki at first sight. Amit’s father goes to Chutki’s house to fix their marriage. Akash comes to North Bengal as he studies in Kolkata. Just a few days before the marriage, Chutki fractures her leg so the marriage is postponed for a few days. Amit’s grandmother also falls ill before the marriage date and she wants both her grandson and her granddaughter Anjali to get married on the same date. So the family members start to look out for a groom for Anjali. They get hold of someone but on the day of the marriage, the groom flees and marries someone else. In these circumstances Amit’s father asks Akash to marry his daughter, but he refuses to do so and so his entire family goes against him.

Akash tells Amit that he can not keep Anjali happy if he marries her because on the day when he came from Kolkata, his girl friend Varsha had been killed by a goon. Akash had killed that goon and told the police about his crime. He had decided to surrender after Chutki’s marriage and so he does not want to spoil Anjali’s life by marrying her.

After knowing everything, both families forgive Akash and bear with him. Akash surrenders to the police.

Jisshu has a debutante opposite him, newcomer Malabika Banerjee who is okay. Another newcomer actress Rupsha Mukherjee (WBRi exclusive interview) plays Jishu's sister.

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Jishu has a new look in this film and there is something fresh about him and the way the film progresses. It does have it’s appeal and even a few songs have been shot in Malaysia. The songs are nothing much to write about. The performances are definitely okay and Jisshu has definitely done an excellent job. In fact honestly speaking Jisshu is definitely a much better actor than most of his contemporaries and even here he does not disappoint. In fact in the later stages of the film he does definitely win your heart with his acting abilities .
Since this is Jishu’s comeback film, the end should not have been a sad disappointing one and that is where the people might reject the film. You see, after seeing a film like that one definitely expects their hero to come out with flying colours, but instead, if he is sent to jail at the end that is not great news. The storyline should have been a little different so that the ending would be a happy one. The title of the film though is absolutely appropriate and is in line with the nature of the film.

At the end,we see Amit and Chutki still carrying their wedding presents to the station when they go to meet Akash over there with the rest of the people! Isn't that too much? Also which railway station does not have a single person at any given point of time as is shown in the film?