Noman Robin's Common Gender - The Film | Pearl and Pentagon films' noble mission to benefit eunuchs (Hijras)


Common Gender The Film Wallpaper Poster

Dhaka, Bangladesh (Washington Bangla Radio) Do you ever think about the people we call eunuchs (hijras in Bengali), about them, where are they born?

Why do they become hijras?

Where do they live? How do they survive? What is their source of income?

Have you ever offered one a job as your household-help? Have you seen them work as a helper in a bus or pull a rickshaw? Have you heard of them stealing or robbing from people on the street?

What do they do? How do they live? How much do you know about them?

Pearl and pentagon films brings to you the story of their life in Common Gender - The Film. Directed by one of the most successful directors of this time, Noman Robin, the film brings to you the story of their struggle for survival.

Noman Rabin has directed popular dramas (Bangla Natok) including Tufan Express and City Bus. Common Gender is his directorial debut in the world of full-length feature films.

The profit from this film will be used to make a burial ground exclusively for the common genders. The producers request for your support in their noble mission and help to make this a success.

Let’s join hands together and say “The man, who exits between male & female, also a human”.

The Story, Screenplay, Dialogue and Direction of Common Gender is by Noman Robin. The film is produced by Pearl & Petagon Films and features music composed and directed by Balam and Arfin Rumey.

The movie has a cast of  Cast Sohel Khan, Shazu Khadem, Dilip Chakrabarti, Bappi Asraf, Kazi Apu, Tomal, Mahedi, Ayon , Rosey Siddiqui, Manash Bandapadhdhay, Chitro Lekha Guho, Doly Jahur, Kazi Raju, Tota Mia, Shahidul Alam Schchu, Iqbal, Jewel Syf, S. M. Mohsin, Shawon Ashraf, Joy Raj, Tusher Mahmood, Binoy Vodro, Saleh Ahmed, Chobi Madam, Nayla, Cindy Rolling from Hollywood & others.

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