Shunechi Tomari Gaan by Nilanjann Nandy - Western classical Chamber Orchestra Style Rabindra Sangeet album

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Sunechi Tomari Gaan is a compilation of 10 Tagore Songs by Nilanjann Nandy (8 songs) and Neeharika (2 songs). Listen to a few samples from this innovative audio album using the player above.

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Sunechi Tomari Gaan - Nilanjan Nandi, Niharika Nandy - Bengali Rabindra Sangeet

The album features, for the first time, Western classical Chamber Orchestra Style Music Arrangement in an entire  Rabindra-Sangeet album. That too, without using any Acoustic Instruments - totally computer programmed by Nilanjann Nandy himself (all the instruments).

Since a boy of 12, Nilanjann Nandy (brought up in a rich musical environment by his father the guitar maestro Batuk Nandy) listened to an array of Western Music which was as varied as Mozart, Debussy, Brahms, Chopin to Deep Purple, Eagles, Bread, Carpenters, John Denver, Uriah Heep, Anne Murray, Chet Atkins, Abba and Cliff Richard.

Way back in the mid seventies, Nilanjann had presented a solo program as a child artiste on the television , presenting a few Rabindra-sangeet which were juxtaposed with musical arrangement very similar to Western Classical style of Sound design, using a few violins, a cello and a Piano. The program was well received and got great reviews from friends, people from the music industry and other sources.

That idea germinated into a fully blossomed concept when Nilanjann decided to pay his respects to the great poet Rabindranath Tagore this year 2010 - 2011, being his 150th Birth Anniversary celebration tenure.

He selected 10 very popular Tagore Songs for this album, especially the ones which has a lot of scope for using Western Classical arrangement styles, using lots of Stringed instruments, a few percussions like Shakers and Timpani, a Grand Piano and a few Wood-wind Instruments like the Clarinet, Bassoon and the English Flute. Presumably, for the first time, this kind of Musical treatment has been given to an entire vocal Rabindra-sangeet album, releasing commercially.

As a Music Programmer/Arranger, Nilanjann started his work in early July in his own recording pad “Whitemagic”, and completed the onerous task of programming/recording at least 27 tracks for each of the 10 songs on Nuendo platform in 36 days flat. He included his 14 year old daughter Neeharika, who is also training under him now, to sing 2 tracks in this album. The reast 8 songs are sung by Nilanjann himself. His range in music is very wide, and in Rabindra – sangeet he was trained from a very early age under the legendary Rabindra-sangeet exponent Chinmoy Chattopadhyay and of course his dad, Batuk Nandy. Nilanjann says that he owes a lot to his Piano guru the legendary pianist Tony Menezes, who has literally inspired him to become a total music composer/arranger and taught him the fabulous lesson of Basic, Alternative and Obscure Chord Formula in Music and it’s application in contemporary music. The chord design in the songs in this album is a treat for common listeners and connoisseurs alike.

After the programming bit the tracks were ready and the vocals were recorded At Usha Uthup’s studio – Vibrations. Later, the sound was mixed (the most important part in the making of an album) and mastered by Nilanjann himself at “Whitemagic”!

Note: No acoustic instrument was used in the making of this album except in a tiny portion in the song prelude of  “Je chhilo amaar swapono charini” - Ovation guitar was played by Nilanjann.


 1. Ami chini go chini tomaare –Nilanjann
 2. Boro Asha Kore – Nilanjann
 3. Tumi kemon kore gaan koro he guni – Neeharika (Nilanjann’s daughter)
 4. Je chhilo amaar swapono charini – Nilanjann
 5. Bhalobeshey jodi sukho nahi – Nilanjann
 6. Anondo lokey, Mongolalokey – Neeharika
 7. E ki Gobheer Bani – Nilanjann
 8. Chaader Haasir Baadh bhengeachhe – Nilanjann
 9. Tumi ki keboli chhobi – Nilanjann
10. Phooley phooley – Nilanjann

Vocals: Nilanjann Nandy and Neeharika Nandy

Music Programming, Arrangement, Concept, Recording: Nilanjann Nandy

Voice dubbing: Studio Vibrations

Sound Mixing & Mastering: Whitemagic Studios, by Nilanjann Nandy

Gear: Sennheiser & Neumann microphones, Yamaha Music Workstation, Ovation Guitars, Rainbow Strings Chamber VSTi, TASCAM Grand Piano, VSTi and Nuendo 4 and Wavelab-6 by Steinberg.

CD cover photograph – Deep Bhattacharya