Please - Shoumika Ganguli


By Shoumika Ganguli

The word which originated from a Latin word ‘Placere’ which means to be accepted to make things smooth. A big word indeed for everyone’s perusal. Not just big but rather very strong indeed. Sometimes it’s the only word that’s enough to seduce someone and sometimes its so powerful that it can melt a rock solid heart.

Let’s see this how and where to use this word to sometimes flummox situations or sometimes extract information. If we use the word in front of a debonair politician he’ll look around for a crowd and making it the witness he’ll succumb to your please and then comes a fountain of promises he will make. If you are a sophomore you will epitomize him to be god and when in solitude the politician will let you know the meaning of the phrase, “Devil is busy, May I help you”. Yes, you wish you hadn’t used your precious ‘please’ for a man like that. That’s a waste feeling. Feeling low when you know you had wasted a word so miraculous.

The glittering shopping mall that I went to harbored a lot of people, there in the corner of a toy store a little girl was stunned to see a huge white teddy bear encapsulated in an even brilliant wrapping, she held her father’s fingers tightly as is she held the teddy bear and gingerly looked at her father with those hazel eyes, the next you know a soft voice that can melt even rocks and a tone which could heal the most bizarre of the wounds, “daddy, please”. Those short and plump fingers pointing to the teddy bear. That’s the feeling of helplessness in love. Even if he didn’t want to but he had to surrender to her whims. That’s the power of ‘please’.

A 17 year old boy suddenly found out he had cancer. What if we had background music to describe every situation? This music would be the darkest, sorrowful and the most abominable music ever made. An old mother, the only bread earner- his father and a huge sum of money which could not even guarantee his life. A macabre in life the feeling that god is acrimonious to some. A situation of despair and hopelessness everything lost or in the process of loosing. Doctor’s walk through thousands of situations like that everyday. The boy was lying in his hospital bed, looking helplessly from the glass window towards his parents, doctor checking his nerves and advising him on medicines. The boy then with eyes filling with tears looked up to the doctor as his last hope to see that the world is not coming to an end so early said, “ Please, not for me but for them”, pointing the long thing fingers to those standing outside the room. The doctor for once in life thought the jeopardy of his occupation, a situation when the hopes are too hot to handle, a feeling of escaping though he knew he could give life but he also knew for no reason he did not want to be a part of a dead life. A situation when truth fails ignominiously. This situation connected two unknown with the thread of hope and the word of desperation, ‘please’.

First year of college and you fell in love with a girl. She reminds you of the most romantic songs ever composed and most exotic locations ever existed. You feel like you are complete, you like to get wet in the rain even if you know that the car has splashed mud on your white shirt and newly washed pair of jeans, you smile, you blush, you just want to do things that are weird but whenever you walk up to the girl who is the reason for this predicament you just find words alien. You just look at her and let her speak till the final days when you have a job, a salary an approval from your parents or may be the last one today is not that important, you walk up to her with all your courage so that fighting with AK-47 would seem to be a childish deed, kneel down before her and say, “Will you marry me, Please?”. The look on your face that there can be no one in this world more suitable for her than oneself, that satisfaction of spending the rest of your life with the person you always yearned for. Well yes just that one word would have done the magic.

Your first interview in life. You are dressed to your best. The shoes because of which you used to get punished in the school now shines more than the stars and when the result of the interview is declared, may be you are an atheist, a pessimist or may be you are god fearing without any exception you just close your eyes, bow your head down and chant within yourself, “please”. You really don’t have an answer as to whom you are pleading but invariably you do this. This is a feeling of hope may be on god and more on yourself, a feeling of wanting something that yu worked so hard on.

There is a rule amongst buddies, ‘friendship has no sorry, no thank you and no please”. But can you escape a please. You though want to escape with the other two. Well yes a very integral part of our life goes on to be associated with this six lettered word, seemingly so small in the dictionary of biggies but indubitably the most benignant word of all. We use it too often but the real meaning lies in the feeling associated with it. One word being so vivid and versatile. Yes, if things need to be done then you know you can bank upon this one word to let every sentiment flow freely.

Shoumika Ganguli is a creative writer from Kolkata and can be contacted by e-mail at gangulitina1988 [at] gmail [dot] com.