Acquisition of Shukno Lanka (2010) Bengali Movie by DMV Augurs Well for Bengali Cinema: Mithun Chakraborty

Unprecedented in scope, US-based Databazaar Media Ventures (DMV) has acquired the US and Canadian rights for digital, DVD and screening distribution of the blockbuster Bengali film -Shukno Lanka- from the producers of this film, Mumbai Mantra.

Veteran Actor Mithun Chakraborty who plays the lead in this film expressed satisfaction that Shukno Lanka was being released in the US. "I would first want to congratulate Databazaar Media Ventures for taking the initiative of distributing Bengali films in the US. I am sure that Shukno Lanka will do well in US and Canada. It is really commendable that DMV have started a movement overseas and I appeal to all NRI's and NRB's to support this ground-breaking enterprise of Databazaar Media Ventures".

"Shukno Lanka was released simultaneously in Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi and is still running to packed houses  in Kolkata in its 7th week," stated B LGautam of Mumbai Mantra. "We have given the rights to Databazaar Media Ventures for US and Canada as we are aware of DMV's reach in those territories and the ground breaking work that they are doing there." We are confident that Shukno Lanka will also do equally well in the US and Canada."--

Gaurav Pandey, the director of this film stated that it was imperative for films that are made in India to have themes for the global audience. "Indian cinema as a whole and Bengali cinema in particular cannot survive if it cannot address the global Indian. Bollywood has already started the process. Statistics will tell you that the overseas revenue forms a major part of the return on most of SRK's films. It is easy to understand why us as the film-makers of today need to talk to the Indian abroad. It's a question of sustenance as well as expansion," he said.

"We are aware of DMV's connect with the Diaspora in the US and Canada and I am confident that Shukno Lanka will be received well there," Pandey added.

"We have paved the way for producers of Bengali cinema in opening up a new market for them which was non-existent. The success of films like "The Japanese Wife, Ekti Tarar Khonje, Angshumaner Chhobi give credence to the fact that there is a market for good, quality Bengali cinema in the US and Canada and I am sure that our latest acquisition Shukno Lanka will do equally well, if not better," said Oney Seal, Chairman of the Databazaar Group of Companies.

“Partnering with Mumbai Mantra exemplifies DMV's mandate of marrying the highest quality Bengali films to not only the NRI and NRB audience but to mainstream North Americans as well” stated Oney Seal.

Shukno Lanka will be available soon in about 19,000 retail outlets including Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, Best Buy, streaming on and digital download on iTunes.

About Shukno Lanka

Shukno Lanka is a journey about forgotten dreams.  It is a story of fears, reconciliation and finally of living the magic called life.  Joy Sndar Sen is a popular award-winning film director.  He meets Isabella a young European actress in Berlin.  Cutting  across divides of age and culture, Isabella and Sen Share a bond of respect and understanding.  At a book-store in Berlin, Sen and Isabella chance upon an anthology of short stories by the Indian film maker Ritwik Ghatak.  As he browses through the book, one of the stories - Paraspathar (The Philosopher’s Stone) begins to resonate in his mind.  It is a story of a man who seems to have hit upon a magic formula to bring people to life back from death.  Faced with his own morality, brought more sharply into relief by the effervescent youth of Isabella, Sen decides that Paraspathar is going to be his next film.

Chinu Nandy is a junior artiste who has survived in an unforgiving industry. Middle aged, Nandy has been playing bit parts in movies for several decades.  Over the course of time, Nandy has learned to accept his fate, hoping that one day he could add as much flavour to movies as dry red chillies would to a curry.   So when Sen, back from his grand international success decides to cast Nandy to play the lead role in Paraspathar, he is shocked and frightened to realize a strange unimagined path that destiny seems to open for him.  But the path is not an unmitigated clear way to a dream.

About Databazaar Media Ventures

DMV acts as an exclusive gateway for Bengali films to North America, combining the latest in digital technologies with the best in traditional methods in a new, fusion distribution model that will maximize North American film revenues. We are the missing link that ensures the most effective marketing of your modern Bengali films. Once selected by our Film Review Board, our exclusive partner agreements ensure that your film will reach over 19,000 online and retail stores across the US and Canada including major chains such as Best Buy, Target, Fry's Electronics, Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon and Wal-Mart, along with, theatrical releases in certain demographics.

The entire range of potential viewers in North America is covered by this unique and revolutionary distribution channel.

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