Zombie Beach (2010) - A Mukesh Asopa film - selected for Washougal and Port Townsend International Film Festivals, Washington

Zombie Beach Movie Poster

Multiple international award-winning Canadian-Indian film-maker Mukesh Asopa's latest film Zombie Beach (2010) has been selected for the 2010 Columbia George International Film Festival, Washougal, Washington, USA on August 20, 2010 followed by Port Townsend Film Festival, Washington, USA on September 25th 2010.

Centuries ago...rather than have a full out war of the revelation, a deal was struck between the heroes of the good and the evil... the beach you visited was sanctioned to the evil. There.. the undead could walk like living beings among us..YES...most people refer to them as zombies.

Zombie Beach is a horror-thriller film and has a star cast of Mukesh Asopa, Katherine Stefanski, Kamal Nandi, Kevin Tracy, Kristi Woods and more.

Mukesh Asopa's Aisha and Rahul (2009) is an award-winning Canadian-Indian film starring Mukesh Asopa, Jas Dhanda, Kamal Nandi, Zahir Gilani, Tree Ryde. The film is directed by Mukesh Asopa, Milind Swamy and produced by Mukesh Asopa. The writers of the film are Mukesh Asopa, Rajesh Asopa, Twinkle Asopa, Zahir Gilani. DVD Release: click here to order Aisha and Rahul on DVD Online.

The Taste Of Relation (2009) directed by Mukesh Asopa also won prestigious awards across the world. The movie will also be screened at the 2010 Washougal International Film Festival and is available for purchase on DVD - click here to order Mukesh Asopa's The Taste Of Relation online >

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