Interview - Surajit Dhar - Director, Bengali Movie Britto (2010), Pa Ma Ga Re Sa (2009)

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Surajit Dhar is the writer-director of PA MA GA RE SA (Bengali, 2009) and BRITTO (Bengali, 2010). In this exclusive interview, Surajit Dhar talks to Arijit Chakraborty of Washington Bangla Radio about his career, experience and thoughts about modern Bengali cinema.

Surajit Dhar is grew up in south Calcutta and after studying economics, he was selected from thousands of applicants for a course at the prestigious Pune Film Institute. After graduating from the Pune Film Institute, Surajit worked with many top media and technology companies across the world including with organizations of Mahesh Bhatt, Pritish Nandy and General Electric, Jain TV etc. Surajit served as the General Manager, USA, for Netguru India for six years and then moved to the US East Coast and started a Bengali expatriate oriented television program Amantran aired on Saturdays.

Surajit is the main force behind the famous GITABITAN ARCHIVE CD Set that attempted for the first time to digitize and tabulate Rabindranath Tagore's Gitabitaan. Buy Gitabitan Archive DVD Online

One of the most fascinating efforts of Surajit Dhar has been in the direction of trying to capture and preserve Bengali and Indian artists and painters and their works on film. Over a span of many years, Surajit has been shooting and collecting footage on legendary painters - Sunil Das, Jogen Choudhuri, Shakti Barman, Prakash Karmakar, Subhaprasanna Bhattacharya and so on, and has successfully captured footage on some of them who are no longer with us, like Bikash Bhattacharya, Shyamal Dutta Roy, Paritosh Sen et al. The total 12 - 14 hour footage is an account of every painter's thoughts captured in their home locations.

Surajit also directed a short film "BOLO SEWAK" on guru-sishya (teacher-student) relationships in a very contemporary light, and a 60-episode series on Diversity of Rice cultivatoin in India.

Film-making continued parallely with Surajit's professional career. Short, medium, long documentaries kept happening, culminating with his feature film - the Bengali musical PA MA GA RE SA (2009) which Washington Bangla Radio was fortunate to promote exclusively. Rohit Roy (brother of Ronit Roy), Reshmi Ghosh, Gouri Karnik starred in this film inspired by the life of Pandit Ravi Shankar mixed with the imaginative story by Surajit. The film featured ground-breaking music and was spectacularly successful in the urban theaters, though rural response was poor.

Britto (2010) is a socio-economic drama about a couple hit with layoffs in an era where India is challenged with global recession. Britto is about a circle of deceit, and will likely be released in October 2010.

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