Reviews of TV Serials-2

My mother says when she was very young,she saw a ghost. - Mr. Basu was one of the closed friends of my father. He had a sister. She (the sister ) had many boy friends and most of them were mainly criminals.Mr. Basu did not like the boys at all. He always discourage his that younger sister to meet the criminal boy friends of her. Naturally, the sister and her boy friends-all of them were very angry with Mr. Basu- the elder brother of the young girl. One night the said criminal boy friends of the girl killed Mr. Basu with the help of his that very own younger sister,the girl friend of them. My mother and Father was out of the station at that moment(I was not born when these incidents were occurring).They were sleeping in a hotel room peacefully when Mr. Basu was being killed by the criminals. Suddenly my mom left the bed as she had to go to the bathroom,she saw Mr. Basu was standing behind the window. He spoke to my mom ‘buy my dear sister. buy for ever.’ I know, all most every body has this like of a ghost story in his or her family. We find that in the early childhood, children have the fear for ghosts in there minds. Children do believe in ghost stories. They like to read and listen them(ghost stories)too. But,when they grown up,they do not have much time to think about the existence of ghosts,souls,spirits etc. Often they lost the believe on ghosts. But,in spite of these,they like the ghost stories. Yes, some of us have the faith on God. Some of us have not. Some of us believe on ghosts. Some of us do not believe. But,all most every individual of this planet like the ghost stories. Ghost stories are always very interesting and enjoying indeed. For this reason only writers write ghost stories. Film makers make films on ghosts. TV Serial makers also make serials on the same subject. There is a TV Serial ,where we can see some clippings of different ghost films(Hindi,English,Tamil etc.) every week. The name of the show is ‘DARNA ZAROORI HAI.’It is a Hindi serial. We can see it on TAAZA TV(Kolkata based channel),every suture day at 8.30pm and every sun day at 10.30am. The concept of the serial is unusual. But the quality is not so good. The anchor of the show Mr. Sibu is not so attractive. The scripts match with the clippings very rarely. They repeat the scripts more and more,which is very boring. Another thing, all of us know the fact that, horror films are adult films.Children should not see them. But with the help of these kind of TV Serials children can watch those type of horror (as well as adult)films very easily. It is not good for the mental health of the children and also not good for the society,where we live.