TV Serial Review -- 1

Our motherland India is a very cultural country indeed. We, the children of India are so much aware of our this cultural heritage. We feel proud for our rich cultural background. We are romantic and artistic by nature. we are very creative minded too. From, the early stage of civilization, the whole world has started to say that,India is the land of talent. Yes, it is true. Mother India has a lots of talented children in her lap from the historical age. The one of the very respected member of sahensha Akbar’s rajsava mia tansen had the power to lightening diyas by singing a song. He had the power to bring up the rainfall from the sky with the help of his singing talent. Indian could make lotous in the floor with gulal while they were dancing.The famous lover King Prithiraj Chauhan had the power to through the arrows in the dark night, not seeing the targets, only listening some sounds coming from the targets. Gurude Rabidranath tagore,the world famous poet,writer,creator of India won the Nobel Prize,the honour,the respect for his country,when the country was not free. Till the date India is too rich with her talented children. Some of them are well known. Some of them are not. With the help of some TV Channels many of them are trying to be noticed by us-- the common people of India. All most each and every TV Channel of our country(Hindi-Bangla-Bhojpuri-Oddiya etc.) is trying to arrange a talent hunt show for there channel. COLORS is one of the said type of the TV Channels. It is organizing many talent hunt show now a days. We can see another talent hunt show in COLORS fryday and suture day 9.00p(Indian time) from 30th of July 2010. The name of the show is ‘INDIA’S GOT TALENT (KHOJ - 2)’. The concept of this talent hunt show is very very new as well as unique. It was one of the too popular reality shows shown in COLORS TV Channel in the year of 2009. We have seen people to wait for the said show in this year too. ‘INDIA’S GOT TALENT’ is the only show where the participants can come from different categories or fields(few of them are absolutely unique). Some of them are singers. Some of them are dancers or musicians or yoga ex parts or magicians or something else.But the judges (Kiran Kher - Sonali Bendre-Sajid/Shekhar Kapoor)are always coming from the acting field only. So it is difficult to say that the judgment is always perfect. Another thing-- the show is calling people for auditions from only the 7 big cities(Delhi-Mumbai-kolkata-Chennai-Amedabad-Jaipur-Lakhnau) of India. But there are 28 states in the country. But at the same time it is true that from this talent hunt show we can learn so many things like people can make music from wastage things like bottles or something like that. Some disable people are more talented than the normal people. Etc.